me and my office mate were just discussing things kids that grow up today will never know. they will never experience getting lost because everything has a built in GPS.  if you take a picture of them they will immediately demand to be shown their image on a digital screen.  they don’t know that there used to be pay phones and you had to memorize numbers.  do i have to stock up on “old” movies to sit my kid down and teach them how things used to be done when i was a kid? am i going to have to explain how things were pre-internet and make them watch the original of every movie they try and reinvent for kids that weren’t even born during the first run?  where can i get a box set of The Smurfs before the new movie hits theaters next year? and Tiny Toons? and Looney Toons? and Woody Woodpecker? and Droopy? will i have to put a block on this new Nickelodeon and have my kid only watch Boomerang and old PBS shows because i have absolutely no idea what they pass off as kids entertainment now.

a coworker just came in here and said that he (now in his 50s) had to go to the dermatologist to get some cream for his head (balding) and she revealed all the sun damage that he had from playing out in the sun for hours on end as a kid.  and a lady i used to work with swore kids in their 20’s all had bad posture from those umbrella-esque folding strollers our parents pushed us around in as kids.  so i’m sure some improvements have been made, but i don’t want to be one of those parents whose kid lives in a bubble and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup and eats organic snacks.  i think i made it pretty well off mac and cheese and Mario Brothers.

but seriously, can i register for dvds for a baby shower for future child development?