so i’ve been dabbling with the idea of having a website.  my own for reals .com. not for monetary purposes or anything (that i can think of right now) but somewhere to have everything in one place. baby blog. personal blog. reviews (remember way back in 2009 when i saw a bajillion movies and wrote reviews on them?!). nanowrimo attempts. all that jazz. in one nice little .com.

so i’m gonna do it.  i like to blog and i assume every once in a while someone likes to read it. so i’m gonna count up my pennies and hit coinstar and fund me a year of webhosting somewhere.  it will still be powered by wordpress so whatever logins you use to comment now will be used there, you just have to change your bookmark or email subscription or whatever cause everything will be at the new place.  brownlee’s working on a little logo for me. how fancy is that?! and once i put to use what little i know about web anything i will be posting things whenever i please. word is that wordpress for personal sites is very user friendly (thanks Tottums for the advice!)

anyway that’s about all i got on that for now and plan to work on it this weekend then i’ll report back with my findings.