It’s been a while since I’ve done a guest baby blog, but I’m back, I already know you all missed me.  Over the weekend, Addy turned 6 months old, of course she thinks she’s grown now, but that’s not what this blog is about.  Today Addy had her 6 month checkup and got her ears pierced.  For some reason, every time I think of getting ears pierced I think of the episode of the Cosby Show when Theo got his ear pierced and it got infected.  Hope my Addy is not like him.  Well here is how it really went down.

First of all, gender roles are VERY present in a pediatrician’s office.  By this I mean I was the ONLY guy in there that was not employed by Texas Children’s Hospital.   As if that wasn’t enough, the nurse calls for us and as I grab our stuff to head to the back, she politely asks “Oh, where’s mom, the moms usually mark the ears?”, so I replied “She’s at work, so the role of mom & dad will be played by me today.”  Maybe I read to much into it, but I don’t think so.  Are dads really not capable of being a parent?  I mean I used to joke when Addy was about 6 weeks old, that I’m not qualified to be left alone with her, but I keep her everyday while mom is away….I think I got it down now (even though I forgot to feed myself before we left for the doctor’s office).   I wasn’t offended by the nurse’s comments, because like I said, there were no other guys in the waiting area with their kids, but don’t make it sound like I’m not capable of successfully taking my kid to see the doctor.

Now that I’m done ranting about being the BEST DAD EVER, here is how the actual visit went.  The nurse told me to mark her ears, which was followed by me giving her a blank stare, so she did one ear to show me.  I erased her mark because I felt it was little high, but Addy wouldn’t cooperate…at all.  She wanted to see the marker and did not want to be held down.  So once the doctor came in, I still hadn’t marked her, so he called in a nurse to help.  She marked while I held her down…if any of you have ever met Addy, you know she does NOT like to be held down against her own will, so she fought it.  We got her marked up, then the doc was concerned that she’d wipe off the markers, so decided to do the piercing first.  The first stud they tried was too little for the gun or something because it didn’t stay, so we went up a size and tried it again.  So I had to hold her down yet again, then we did the right ear, SUCCESS!  Now the problem came into play on the left ear because I had marked it, then the nurse had marked it, so he was having a bit of trouble spotting the correct mark.  At this point, I was holding Addy’s’ body, a nurse was holding her head, the doctor was holding her ear, then he called in another nurse to hold a light.  Yup, all that for a feisty 6 month old girl.  It felt like we were trying to subdue a rowdy prisoner or something, but then we got the other earring in.  She cried a cry that I’ve NEVER heard before, but it was hard to tell if it was from pain or the fact that she was PISSED from being held down or if it was a combination of all of the above plus the fact that she was sleepy.  2-3 minutes later, she was sleep on my chest as we had to wait about 5 mins for the next nurse to come in and give Addy what she actually came to the doctor for….her shots.   She got 2 shots, an oral vaccine, and a flu shot, which woke her up of course, which also pissed her off to a new extreme.  Then I got her dressed and by that time she was somewhat calm, so I carried her out the office until we got to the car to put her in her seat.

I’m not going to lie, I almost called it all off when the doctor messed up the first try.  I couldn’t take it…she was crying so hard.  I almost shed a tear with her, but of course, I’m the tough dad.  Overall, I know she’s exhausted, because she was sleep before we got out the parking lot.  I told her being pretty is painful, but I don’t think she understood me.  She’s still out as I type this blog, so we’ll see how she feels when she wakes up.

Thanks for tuning in…..


PS:  Here is the first picture of her with holes in her ears!

She's wore out!


As much as I hate the cops, this title seemed to fit perfectly for what I have to say so far.  Addy Ann is officially 3 weeks old today, so I figure it’s time to give a dad’s perspective on having a newborn around the house.

Week 1 – We spent Monday – half of Wednesday in the hospital.  Other than Addy’s actual birthday, which was super hectic, we just sat around and had visitors the other days.  I decided to be proactive with the stuff going on from day 1.  Even though I volunteered not to see the head come out OR cut the umbilical cord (because the doctors get paid good money to do their job), I decided not to sit around and let the baby cry or be dirty.  So by the time we got home and on our own, I was pretty good at changing diapers and clothes, in my opinion.  I think the practice in the hospital, where they would fix it if I messed up too bad, helped me gain the confidence to be able to change a few dirty stinky diapers.  We took Addy to her first doctor’s visit, which went well since she checked out all well.  I figured I’d drive differently with her in the car, but I was simply watching the other idiots on the road more diligently.

Week 2 – This week was pretty chill.  Visitors still frequent the apartment, which we don’t mind at all….I actually feel bad for most because Addy will be wide awake when we’re alone, then she’s knocked out cold when people come to see her….some get lucky to see her big eyes wide open. Me and Bre decided to do shifts or something close to it.  Since I’m not good at staying up late and I’m old so I’m pretty much up at the crack of a$$ in the mornings, thats what we do….I go to bed at a decent hour, then I take over when Addy is too much to handle in the middle of the night, something like 3am or later.  Then Bre gets to sleep in after the morning feeding since I’m here to help.  This works for now since I’m not working yet and Bre is still on leave.   Week 2 also featured my 30th birthday, which I was “made to” go out and enjoy myself.  I’ve actually been pretty good at being a homebody since Addy got here.

Week 3 – This past week featured some more visitors, including my sister who is full of wives tales, glad she came though because that’s how these things get passed down from generation to generation.  On the 14th she also went to see her pediatrician again who recommended that we add some formula to her feeding rotation to give her some more calories since she didn’t gain any weight between visits.  It was nothing to panic about, but it also gives me an opportunity to get a chance to feed her, which was the only thing I missed out on since she’s being breastfed.  So now once a day, I confuse the hell out of her by feeding her, while she’s awake and looking around.  Ha!

Overall I’m enjoying the time I get with Addy, even if she is screaming her little lungs out at 3am.  I don’t think she comprehends day and night yet.  Bre also thinks I’m overprotective of her since I won’t let her go out into the world.  For now, I have the doctor on my side saying that there are just too many germs out there at the moment.  So for now, I’ll be overprotective to keep my healthy baby feeling fine.  We’ve had some good laughs at Addy’s expense so I guess you could say that this parenting thing is fun.


Thanks for tuning in…….




Hey there BabyNoNamer’s, I know it has been a while since I shared my thoughts, but it’s kind of hard to put all this stuff into words.  Since my last post about a month ago, I still think pretty much the same thing….this pregnancy is flying by because it’s almost “Go Time”.   I had a cool little diaper party during the NFL Playoffs, where the fellas came over with gifts, mainly diapers, and we drank and watched the game.  Funniest part was hearing the stories of how the guys approached buying diapers with losing their “Player Cards”…..all in all we had fun because it was just guys hanging out watching football, didn’t seem like a guy shower or anything remotely close to that because the women-folk were dismissed for the day.

When I say “Go Time” I mean it.  I got a to-go bag packed up for the overnighters at the hospital (even though we live like 8 mins from the hospital), I keep gas in my car so that when it’s time to go, it will actually go, and I also keep my phone charged up….to get the news out as it happens.   I also have a call/text list going so that in the heat of the moment, I don’t leave anybody out….even though I still may, yall can’t hold it against me.  We’re down to the nitty gritty considering the baby is “full term” and can be born healthy at any point now.  I’m still really pulling for the lil guy to remain in the womb till at least March 1.  I know Bre is getting more uncomfortable as the days past, so I have to ask her and the kid to bare with me till March….guess we’ll see how my begging goes, even though we have absolutely not control of the situation.  I think that’s the craziest part of a pregnancy….you can plan to have a kid, you can have a birth plan, you can plan showers and all that good stuff, but even with all that planning you’re NOT in control of a damn thing.  Almost makes you respect something higher and bigger than you, ya dig?

The new question that’s constantly posed to me is “Are you ready?”  I’m not to the point of hating this question yet, because I know people just try to make conversation and really don’t have much else to say about a baby coming.  I generally try not to be too rude to people, but if you think about it before you ask it, you’d understand that it really doesn’t matter if I’m ready or not because the baby doesn’t care.  I don’t have a choice to be ready or not in this whole situation.  Granted I can try to prepare, which if that’s what their asking, we’re mostly “ready” since we have the room set up and we’re only missing the car seat, stroller, and the two bases for the seats.  So considering that we still have another shower to attend this Friday and that we plan to go get the last few items after this shower I assume I can start saying a simple “yes” when people continue to ask me if I’m ready.

I’m really trying to NOT flip smooth out during the early stages of labor.  Like when its time to hit the highway, I plan to just EZ Tag it which should shave 3-4 mins off the trip, but I don’t want to be running around this apartment like a headless chicken grabbing stuff and run to the car and leave something important, like Bre or the bag that I took all this time to pack.  But I also don’t want to seem to nonchalant in a serious situation.  I’m pretty sure whatever I do, Bre will get a good laugh and a good story out of it, because as much as I try, I think I’m going to lose it slightly….like trying to open the front door the wrong way,  trying to grab some snacks out of the dishwasher or something silly like that.  I’m also nervous about what to do during the actual labor.  I think it’s in my DNA to want to be a helper to those that have helped me, so I’m not sure how I’ll handle being pretty much helpless as Bre is there in pain.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to watch her in pain, except when she got tatted and that was her own silly choice….this is about half her choice, so I guess the other half of the guilt will hit me.  And I’ve seen enough labor shows or shows that show labor to know that the nurses and doctors have to just let the moms sit there until the labor is far enough along to give them something, so I’m hoping I don’t start slapping the taste out of nurses and doctors mouths to give her something for the pain.  I did hear that my dad, may he rest in peace, tried to beat a doctor when I was born because he wasn’t aware that they HAD to make me cry since I didn’t come out crying….he felt the doctor was too rough on me and the “northside” came out in him.  Good thing was that they didn’t call the cops on him once they calmed him down.  I’m really trying not to be my father’s son on this one…ya dig?

That’s about all that I have going on at the moment.  This time next month, I’ll be a daddy…..those are some STRONG words!

Thanks for tuning in……..