a lot of the girls in the bump group mention that they make their own baby food.  i have neither the know-how nor the will to actually go through this process.  it wasn’t something i ever wanted to do anyway.  me and gerber are cool with each other as is.  and addy likes everything.  but now she’s ready for stage 2 foods (they’re a thicker/chunkier texture and mixed flavors) and the girls were talking about giving their babies mangos and papaya and watermelon.  what?! my target doesn’t have those gerber cans!

but it’s because they were making it themselves.  either that or serving them cut up and through a mesh feeder.  yeaaaaa i’m not cleaning that. i’m not steaming anything.  and the most exotic thing i saw from gerber was mixed vegetables.

so i opted to try some organic food.  i’ve seen some fairly granola-type moms squirting the food out of the pouches onto spoons and into baby’s mouth (picture capri sun).  and they’re pricey. jeezus.  but target was having this awesome baby sale AND i had a coupon so i went ahead and gave it a try.  i went with Happy Baby. on sale at target it was 98 cents per 3.5oz pouch. plus $1 off the total when i bought 4.  i figured it wasn’t TOO bad cause we weren’t going all organic. but just for comparison sake the gerber stage 2 foods are $1.09 for two 3.5 oz tubs.

we tried the Bananas, Beets, and Blueberries first.  yes all in one pouch.  i unscrewed the top and squirted the food out into her bowl.  then i was all “oooooh that’s what’s cool about just squirting it onto the spoon” cause there’s not the dipping back and forth into the container and you don’t have to worry about germs getting in the uneaten food and you can save some for later. ooooh. (they even sell little spoon spout attachments).  it was a massive success.  actually addy hasn’t refused anything i’ve given her, some stuff she just demands i feed her faster.

i also bought Spinach, Mango, & Pear. so we’ll try that out next.  then i went to a fancy HEB (with On The Run) on my lunch break to fill up on free samples and stopped in their baby aisle to see what they had.  come to find out the Happy Baby was 88 cents regular price! and they had gerber organics in a bajillonty different combos that are just as fancy and organic as the Happy Baby.  HAPPY MOMMY! i mean some of them even had granola and yogurt smoothie blends.  lur lur! so i will be going to HEB for more baby food (and free samples). AND i got an email that gerber is going to pouches.  so that means a gang of stage 2 foods in jars are on clearance at target ret now! ahhh! but now that we’re doing some organic foods and i’m all keeping my re-usable grocery bags in the car i feel some need to start recycling.  not in an OCD kind of way but i can at least recycle the baby food and finally get rid of that stack of magazines that has been sitting in the corner since we moved here 2 years ago.  the pile gets pretty high when there are 5 magazine subscriptions in the house.  i just don’t know exactly where to go. at work when i’m done with my little yogurt cup i rinse it and throw it in the recycle can.  but do i want to haul trash piece by piece from my house to work to the recycle can? brownlee will make me.  i need to find a center.  ok i know where one is but i mean i need to actually load up the car and go.  it’s in west u so maybe i can treat myself to Benjy’s afterwards for being such a good citizen.  or Ruggle’s Green! ha!

while YaYa was feeding addy a few spoonfulls she noticed addy would mmmmmmmmmm after each bite.  and when she told me i was kinda like oops i do that when i’m feeding her so she thinks (crummy) vegetables are good. ha! and also uhoh.

and me, gabby, and addy had a great brunch on the patio at Coco’s Crepes Sunday.  addy look fabulous in her gabby inspired Gap summery hat.  but she also really really wanted some of mommy’s crepe.  so i pulled out some of the strawberries and let her try them.  she really really liked them but couldn’t quite figure out what to do when i put some in her hand.  she knew something was in there and knew it was supposed to go in her mouth but didn’t get to the part where she needed to open her hand to get it out.  so i’m gonna get some of those little baby snacks that dissolve as soon as they get in the kids mouth.  for practice.  of course they come organic and they come with whatever gerber makes them as so we’ll so what decision i make in the store.

and speaking of practice i also want to get her on the cup.  not for everything because i’m still not big on giving her juice (that’s a treat for YaYa’s house) but i’m going to let her start drinking out the sippy cup, but without the valve that stops the spillage.  so yeah we’ll just be doing water for a while.  i read something about babies having sippy cup dependency issues and some parents skipping it and going right to regular cups.  i’m not ready for that big of a leap now but we’ll see how we progress.

she mostly just bites on it anyway.  like she does everything else.


still  no teeth.