DJ Lance (ficky ficky)


Yo Gabba Gabba.

Have you seen this?  Have you heard of this?

Apparently it’s not a new show but I’m a new mom so now I’m blogging about it.  I’ve seen approximately 2 episodes of this show and it’s amazing that I am here today to type this and did not bore my eyes out with the nearest spoon.  but Addy was mesmerized.

Yo Gabba Trance

from what i gather DJ Lance is a DJ.  and he has these robots that live in his radio.  and they sing the crappiest songs about don’t run with scissors or be nice to your friends (my friends should hear this song) or whatever other lesson kids should learn.  they mostly drive me crazy because they don’t rhyme.  maybe i’m not cool enough to care about things that don’t rhyme but how else am i supposed to remember the words?

and it’s not just the shitty songs that kill me.  it’s the random spazzy transitions of kids dancing really really hard for about 10 seconds.  ok that’s hilarious because i mean have you seen a kid dance? but it’s incredibly odd.  and sometimes the transition isn’t even a kid dancing.  sometimes it’s a kid riding a stick broom across the screen.  just a quick shot of a 5 year old going across your tv screen.  is that not odd to anyone else?

then in true hipster fashion there will be a celeb music guest singing an even more crappier song about sharing toys or being polite to your parents or something. one episode i saw had MGMT singing about art.  ?uestlove keeps tweeting about an episode he was on.  and i’m all “wait, i kinda like that one MGMT song that comes on my Pandora station sometimes when i don’t skip it.  is this a show that i should be liking?” cause you know how sometimes things are advertised for kids but are really for adults.  like maybe somehow Yo Gabba Gabba was supposed to be for AdultSwim and accidentally ended up on NickJr (insert trumpet sound). especially when on that MGMT song Andy Samberg came out to teach the kids a dance.  Andy Samberg?! Andy “Dick in a Box” Samberg on a kids show? this has to be for beatnik hipsters and my jeans just are skinny enough to get the joke right?

i tried it.  i just can’t drink the kool-aid.  hopefully in a few years this will not exist and some other crap tv show will invade my kids brain.  and hopefully by then i will have bought some BOSE noise cancellation headphones for myself so i can not hear the aforementioned crap show.

for now the kid will get her tv learnin from Sesame Street. just like i did.

and SportsCenter. just like her dad does.

watch this friends.  if you can stand it.

LMAO on the comments someone asks “Can I still bite my enemies then?”