apparently if you have kids then the thing to do is go to the park on a saturday morning.  i had been thinking it was time to take addy out into the open and since 86 degrees is a dramatic change from how hot it was 3 weeks ago, we loaded up Coop and went to the park.

couldn't care less face

since it was my idea i was in charge of finding park.  so im all yeah there’s a park over my Jordan’s apartment.  it is more of a track and open area.  so we went to the little park down the trail on the side of the “river” (read: bayou).  remember that time me and jenni took addy to take pictures and she couldn’t care less about being in the park? well this time the park was a big success.  she got in the swing and watched the big kids play.  we climbed up the jungle gym deal and had more fun looking down and crawling around and being up high.  we even went down the slide.  then we laid the blanket out for a little bit and she sat in the shade and played with some toys and tried to eat some leaves and rocks.  then we took another stroll around to look at some people’s dogs (while mommy eyed their big kid strollers) and looked at the trees and bushes. and then we realized it was 1035a and football started in 20 minutes and mommy is too out of shape to quickly walk the quarter-mile back to the car so if we wanted to catch kick-off we better get to going.  plus addy hadn’t had her morning nap yet so she was quickly tuckered out.

tuckered out

the park is awesome! i can’t wait until she’s climbing through things on her own and i’m just sitting at the bench watching her and getting up to repeatedly push the swing.

anyway i know you just want to see pictures. so here they go:



and i even took a quick video clip (i hate my voice on the camera)


one time Brownlee thought it would be funny to use his million dollar Call of Duty remote control car that i bought for christmas to tease addy with.  well she never forgot.(exuse the shoddy camera work but she was crawling for the car)

so i’m all “fluke” and reset her on the sheet for a do-over.

i think it’s official.


remember when i was going on about addy and the tags?

feast your eyes on this crappy video shot with my Blackberry. (any background noise is Looney Tunes). the object is one of those keep the paci clipped to the baby thingies.


kelly just had a baby! YAY KELLS! we went to go see the new family at the hospital and as soon as the oohs and ahhs were over kelly and i started to compare battle scars.  not a literal lifting of the shirts and showing stretch marks or scars or anything but more so a genral comparison of how the childbearing process went for us.  c-section versus vaginal.  and i swear i was going on like a war veteran just shaking my head like never ever again. and kelly was all hopped up on pain meds planning the next baby.  as i type this i’m shaking my head at the whole idea of it, but that’s another blog for another day.  she’s the type that would sign up for another tour of duty and i’m the type that would be cross-dressing looking for a psych discharge.  but now we’re moms and that’s the kind of thing only people that have been through labor can discuss. it’s a crazy awesome group to belong to.

and then i got to bestow all my priceless knowledge upon kells.  do this.  don’t do that. nurses are wrong and doctors suck! it’s your baby do whatever you want. don’t listen when people say blah blah! have your mom do this! babies are gross! and so on. i tried not to be as bad as people were to me but i mean i’m a pro at being a mom.  a whole 5 months under my belt.  i should be up for a raise soon! ha! but i did try to give practical advice and made sure i said “well we tried…” instead of strict orders to follow my way. at least in my head i did.

anywho addy has been very…active lately. we have progressed from the random goo goo gaa gaa to full on dissertations.  granted addy is the only one who can understand it but she is very adamant about getting her point across to us.  we’ve watched lots and lots of Despicable Me and i found this new show Classical Baby on HBO that’s just animated classical heres the talking and addy watching Classical Baby combined.

she’s also becoming a pro sitter upper. she doesn’t bend over in half anymore, well not all the time.  she’s starting to get the hang of it. woo! here’s her and her co-star Cup.

(she keeps looking over at Brownlee playing vidya games)

also we jumped the gun and bumped addy up to the larger nipples for 6 month old babies.  so she was flying through her bottles and then later in the hour she’d puke up a large majority of it.  there’s several cuts of the video that include massive amounts of throw up with someone (me) going “ewwwwww” every time. so we’re going to just go back down to 2 and let her take it slow. apparently the 6 month holes are for when you add cereal to the formula. yeaaaah we’re not doing that.  and Booby bought addy sippy cups! but i’m not ready for her to have juice, so we might start to put the formula in the cup instead of the bottle.  or half and half so she gets used to cups.  i was reading how the sooner you do it the more easily they are (likely) to adapt to a cup instead of waiting until they turn a year then they get all set in their ways.  who addy?! no way! (yeah right).

also i’m so mad at that hospital for not issuing us a Digital SLR camera to take home with our new baby.  i mean they already charged us out the wazoo what’s another couple hundred for a fancy pants camera?! i need it now! i have lots of pictures i want to take and i want them to be of perfect quality and taken at lightning fast speed.  so now i gotta go get me a piggy bank to save up for one. i swears i’ll take care of it and treat it good and keep it for ever and ever (in my Elmyra voice). but i have to do lots of research to see which one best suits me before i take the plunge.

speaking of nice pics, addy turns 6 months the end of this month so i’ll probably schedule a photo session somewhere and hopefully just get the pics i have a coupon for and not get tooken for a bazillion dollars of pics that addy is just too cute in.  pfft. but at least brownlee will be there to stop me from going too bananas buying poses.

that won’t stop me from getting cute outfits for the shoot though! sucka.

bre. circa 1984

my family is into hair.  my great grandmother’s motto was “you had to suffer to be beautiful” i was privy to roller sets weekly from the age of 18 months until…i guess until i cut my hair short in 8th grade.  because of my upbringing i could never stand the torture of braids or styles where i didn’t have immediate access to combing, styling, or playing in my own hair. i NEED to do things things on a regular basis.  brownlee likes to joke that it takes me days to do the little bit of hair that i have when it comes to washing, drying, straightening, and then curling all 3-4 inches of hair on my head. SO WHAT! that’s how i roll! i get it cut on the regular, i do it on the regular, i buy stuff to put in on it on the regular. that is life.

lots and lots of people i know have made the transition from chemically straightened (permed) hair to having their hair in its natural state.  i’ve had a perm since i was about 2 and i don’t have any plans to go to the other side. and everyone told me if i had a girl that i would be in trouble because i don’t know how to comb hair.  that was a false statement cause i comb mine all the time, but i do realize that now i will have to deal with a real live curly head.

as addy’s hair grows longer and thicker and mo longer and mo thicker it is getting curlier and curlier.  it was small waves at first, but now its full blown heavy sections of curls. i can almost gather it into two ponytails! and soon the days of doing absolutely nothing to it but throwing on a headband will be over and i need to get it together.

yesterday i ordered some awesome new hair clips for her on Etsy (OneLittleMonkeyShop, how fitting) but then i got to thinking they might require more than just picking at a few strands in the front and attaching the clip. i’m not ready to  corral her in my lap and force her to slicking brushes and extensive plaits and twists (not EVER) but still.

i like the Johnson&Johnsons and Aveeno baby hair wash i’ve been using but i should probably start to only wash her hair as often as i wash mine. unless of course she gets throw up in it, which is somehow a common occurrence. and i’m going to have to try out some sort of moisturizing…something to help it out through the inbetween times.

i want easy, the total opposite of the picture up top. but also something that will help care for her hair and maybe even accentuate the curls. is that possible? i’m really looking into these Curl products for babies. they will even send some samples with the product!!! i know natural hair care can be expensive (hell, hair care in general) but i also know that as she gets bigger her hair will continue to change. mine just quit falling out the other day! so who knows when hers will get to some stable point.

anywho, does anyone have any tips on what to do? any hair care secrets of your own or advice on what to do with baby’s hair? i’m open to most suggestions, but please remember who you are talking to. don’t get too technical on me. i’m not really trying to plug any products or anything, just want to have something that actually works.

brownlee is a talker.  that’s not a good nor a bad thing. it’s just a fact. he talks.  A LOT.  addy is picking up that habit and sometimes its super duper cute because i’ll be all “oh really?!” and “and then what?” and she will just go on and on with her story.

sometimes we don’t even need to add our two cents in, she will just start talking.  if we aren’t paying attention she will get a little angry and you can totally tell in her tone that you better listen up.

but it’s not always cute and adorable.  sometimes it’s at 2am on the monitor.  and then 4am.  and then 5am.  and well that’s just silly.  i’ve read about this phenomenon on The Bump called the 4 month wakeful period.  addy’s been sleeping through the night in her own crib just wonderfully for months.  but now she will just wake up and start talking.  she’s not hungry or upset or scared or anything. she just is in there babbling.  luckily we’re almost to 5 months and with any luck this phase will leave just as quickly as it came.

yeah 5 months is coming soon! addy is really growing up quickly.  the rolling that i was so desperate to witness (and “film”) is the norm now and most of her time is spent on a big blanket on the floor on her tummy.  i actually went and bought her some (more) 6 months clothes from Carter’s because they are having a fall sale. whaaat long sleeves coming up! i might actually get to put her in one of those 800 hats she has.  can’t wait to get her one with ear flaps and a puffy top (see: Despicable Me, which i am currently watching despite the kid being long asleep)

oh and here’s a little video (featuring Cup) of what the talking sounds like:
(warning:video may or may not contain throw up)

(clearly it did contain throw up. this is my life. you’re welcome)

for weeks (three) i’ve been trying to get addy to roll over consistently.  last week i was trying to filmdeo it.  she likes to do it right when i walk out of the room or turn my back.  regular addy behavior.

i knew that once she perfected the rollover she’d be very close to crawling.

and today i got this:

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