a lot of the girls in the bump group mention that they make their own baby food.  i have neither the know-how nor the will to actually go through this process.  it wasn’t something i ever wanted to do anyway.  me and gerber are cool with each other as is.  and addy likes everything.  but now she’s ready for stage 2 foods (they’re a thicker/chunkier texture and mixed flavors) and the girls were talking about giving their babies mangos and papaya and watermelon.  what?! my target doesn’t have those gerber cans!

but it’s because they were making it themselves.  either that or serving them cut up and through a mesh feeder.  yeaaaaa i’m not cleaning that. i’m not steaming anything.  and the most exotic thing i saw from gerber was mixed vegetables.

so i opted to try some organic food.  i’ve seen some fairly granola-type moms squirting the food out of the pouches onto spoons and into baby’s mouth (picture capri sun).  and they’re pricey. jeezus.  but target was having this awesome baby sale AND i had a coupon so i went ahead and gave it a try.  i went with Happy Baby. on sale at target it was 98 cents per 3.5oz pouch. plus $1 off the total when i bought 4.  i figured it wasn’t TOO bad cause we weren’t going all organic. but just for comparison sake the gerber stage 2 foods are $1.09 for two 3.5 oz tubs.

we tried the Bananas, Beets, and Blueberries first.  yes all in one pouch.  i unscrewed the top and squirted the food out into her bowl.  then i was all “oooooh that’s what’s cool about just squirting it onto the spoon” cause there’s not the dipping back and forth into the container and you don’t have to worry about germs getting in the uneaten food and you can save some for later. ooooh. (they even sell little spoon spout attachments).  it was a massive success.  actually addy hasn’t refused anything i’ve given her, some stuff she just demands i feed her faster.

i also bought Spinach, Mango, & Pear. so we’ll try that out next.  then i went to a fancy HEB (with On The Run) on my lunch break to fill up on free samples and stopped in their baby aisle to see what they had.  come to find out the Happy Baby was 88 cents regular price! and they had gerber organics in a bajillonty different combos that are just as fancy and organic as the Happy Baby.  HAPPY MOMMY! i mean some of them even had granola and yogurt smoothie blends.  lur lur! so i will be going to HEB for more baby food (and free samples). AND i got an email that gerber is going to pouches.  so that means a gang of stage 2 foods in jars are on clearance at target ret now! ahhh! but now that we’re doing some organic foods and i’m all keeping my re-usable grocery bags in the car i feel some need to start recycling.  not in an OCD kind of way but i can at least recycle the baby food and finally get rid of that stack of magazines that has been sitting in the corner since we moved here 2 years ago.  the pile gets pretty high when there are 5 magazine subscriptions in the house.  i just don’t know exactly where to go. at work when i’m done with my little yogurt cup i rinse it and throw it in the recycle can.  but do i want to haul trash piece by piece from my house to work to the recycle can? brownlee will make me.  i need to find a center.  ok i know where one is but i mean i need to actually load up the car and go.  it’s in west u so maybe i can treat myself to Benjy’s afterwards for being such a good citizen.  or Ruggle’s Green! ha!

while YaYa was feeding addy a few spoonfulls she noticed addy would mmmmmmmmmm after each bite.  and when she told me i was kinda like oops i do that when i’m feeding her so she thinks (crummy) vegetables are good. ha! and also uhoh.

and me, gabby, and addy had a great brunch on the patio at Coco’s Crepes Sunday.  addy look fabulous in her gabby inspired Gap summery hat.  but she also really really wanted some of mommy’s crepe.  so i pulled out some of the strawberries and let her try them.  she really really liked them but couldn’t quite figure out what to do when i put some in her hand.  she knew something was in there and knew it was supposed to go in her mouth but didn’t get to the part where she needed to open her hand to get it out.  so i’m gonna get some of those little baby snacks that dissolve as soon as they get in the kids mouth.  for practice.  of course they come organic and they come with whatever gerber makes them as so we’ll so what decision i make in the store.

and speaking of practice i also want to get her on the cup.  not for everything because i’m still not big on giving her juice (that’s a treat for YaYa’s house) but i’m going to let her start drinking out the sippy cup, but without the valve that stops the spillage.  so yeah we’ll just be doing water for a while.  i read something about babies having sippy cup dependency issues and some parents skipping it and going right to regular cups.  i’m not ready for that big of a leap now but we’ll see how we progress.

she mostly just bites on it anyway.  like she does everything else.


still  no teeth.



apparently if you have kids then the thing to do is go to the park on a saturday morning.  i had been thinking it was time to take addy out into the open and since 86 degrees is a dramatic change from how hot it was 3 weeks ago, we loaded up Coop and went to the park.

couldn't care less face

since it was my idea i was in charge of finding park.  so im all yeah there’s a park over my Jordan’s apartment.  it is more of a track and open area.  so we went to the little park down the trail on the side of the “river” (read: bayou).  remember that time me and jenni took addy to take pictures and she couldn’t care less about being in the park? well this time the park was a big success.  she got in the swing and watched the big kids play.  we climbed up the jungle gym deal and had more fun looking down and crawling around and being up high.  we even went down the slide.  then we laid the blanket out for a little bit and she sat in the shade and played with some toys and tried to eat some leaves and rocks.  then we took another stroll around to look at some people’s dogs (while mommy eyed their big kid strollers) and looked at the trees and bushes. and then we realized it was 1035a and football started in 20 minutes and mommy is too out of shape to quickly walk the quarter-mile back to the car so if we wanted to catch kick-off we better get to going.  plus addy hadn’t had her morning nap yet so she was quickly tuckered out.

tuckered out

the park is awesome! i can’t wait until she’s climbing through things on her own and i’m just sitting at the bench watching her and getting up to repeatedly push the swing.

anyway i know you just want to see pictures. so here they go:



and i even took a quick video clip (i hate my voice on the camera)

how is my tiny baby 6 months already? (the pic is up on the Monthly Pictures Page)

the doctors appt is in a couple days so i will have the height and weight stats then. i think she’s gaining some weight because her 6 month clothes are actually kinda fitting. what! not like they’re snug, just the fact that she can get into them and they swallow her whole. the only real problem is that clothing companies think that it’s time for fall when in fact it was 109 degrees yesterday so these cute long sleeved onesies are of no use to me right now. i’m pretty sure she can still fit them when the weather gets decent though.

we went ahead to the ImageShots in the mall to get her pictures taken.  it was a fairly simple process and very cheap. and then i found out about this super awesome program to “photoshop” my pictures.  Adobe Lightroom is fantastic. i had been telling brownlee that i wanted him to photoshop them and he would just stare at me.  i wanted the fancy lighting and different tones and hues and etc and he just kinda stared at me and said he could airbrush makeup on. what?! come to find out he had the program all along and now i’m going to spend even more time messing with the kids pics.  but at least i don’t need the fancy camera…yet. woo!

go have a peek at what i’ve done so far


she is a super pro at sitting up. she likes to use you as leverage to stand just because. still not exactly a crawler but she is very very mobile.  lordy.she is also more…vocal? she will just giggle when things are exactly funny but she just wants to make a noise or get your attention.  and sometimes she kind of just mumbles to herself.  which is a nice change from the screeching i hear when i attempt to comb her hair.

how did we get here so fast?!

edit: i did some research and figured out how to embed the photo slideshow!!!

so remember way back forever ago when i was pregnant and brownlee was all “you don’t need a changing table” and “you don’t need that many blahblahs”? ok well what we really don’t need ever is baby toys.


addy’s current interest is in tags.  not like high dollar label things but the actual tags on things.  toys, blankets, you name it.

you're next

hand her a plush toy and she turns it over until she finds the care tag that sticks out the back. and then she gnaws on it.  and i’m on the innanet talking to the other mommy bloggers and baby bumpers and asking them what’s the what about the tags.  then i hear tale of taggie blankets that super crafty mommies make that are just a piece of cloth with different tags on the ends.  so what do i do? google tag blankets.  and learn that they sell them in target.  how awesome! an actual reason to go to target! (as if i ever needed one). but then as i sit addy on my bed to fold some laundry, i come up with the brilliant idea to just give addy a tshirt to chew on. it has a tag! its cotton and can soak up drool! i’m pretty much the smartest mom ever in life! and addy loved it.  she pulled it over her face.  chewed on the tag.  examined the shirt.  ate up the tag.  then took it out her mouth, leaned over, and spit up all over my comforter.  then i realized it was my Buc-ee’s t-shirt.  double dose of fail.

then i was in target and looked for the taggie blanket thing and they were sold out. and of course i’m thinking “oh this must be awesome i have to have a taggies blanket…for addy i mean”. but i found these plush blocks. and one had taggies! and one makes crinkly noise! and one has letters on it! and one has a rattle inside” (ok there are only 4 blocks but i mean they have lots of sides). i bring it home and whip them out for addy to play. look addy! look how awesome!

thanks for these dumb blocks mom!

she got the one block with a for real regular ass care tag on it and ate it.

here’s other things she likes to eat and play with.

but i'd rather eat your yoga pants

and the wipes box is the coolest

also i wised up and give her a baby hooded blanket or just a cloth diaper to chew on instead of my own shirts to catch the drool.  and speaking of chewing on, that’s all addy does.  everyone has been saying that she’s been teething since like may. and i coulda sworn a tooth was going to pop out overnight but i still don’t even feel anything.  and my hands are in her mouth all the time (against my will).

Naynee got some teething rings when we went to visit and addy just never cared for them but i actually read the directions and they say to put them in the fridge not the freezer. and she loves them! who woulda thought reading directions would make something work right. and who woulda thought teethers came with directions.  ha! i mostly think that she’s just better with her hands nowand wants to chew on things so that’s why they work.  Either way they will work until she eyes something else that is NOT a toy for babies and is actually a functioning items for adults like cell phones or remotes and things of that nature.  i’m going to have to do something about the coffee table because she keeps eyeing the wrought iron curved legs.  instead of baby-proofing i might just get rid of everything in the living room. it’s just easier



and cheaper.

so you know addy’s favoritest new thing is rolling over.  after four right-on pics our mini photo shoot turned to this


food has been going great. we just bumped addy up to the bigger sized nipples.  4 holes.  they’re supposed to be for when you put cereal in the bottle but we aren’t doing that.  the result is that she runs through a bottle now.  same amount of food but half the time.  still not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  and she loves all sorts of the foods.  peaches.  sweet potatoes.  bananas.  all of it. loves it.  i haven’t done any reading on when we move up to the 2nd stage foods that are more complex like “mixed vegetables” or “cranberries and bananas”. fancy diapers. also there is a very prominent tooth bud on the top gums.  when she bites on my hands i can feel it coming in.  this means 8x more drool than before and a lot of gnawing on toys/books/anythingNOTateether.

i’m very very sure that crawling is on the horizon.  she’s been very interested in scooter but the feeling is not mutual.  she’ll get after him soon i’m sure.  the jumperoo is still going strong.  we’ve moved the pack n play from our bedroom to the living room so she can hang out.  Rugrats style! kicking is her new thing too.  she would always kick once we laid her down on the changing table. but now its anywhere! in the feeding chair.  in the tub.  in the air.  whatever. kicking is the coolest.

sleeping is going well.  the waking and talking is starting to phase out.  or maybe i’ve just been sleeping through it? either way we’re getting a little more sleep. a little more quietly.

we keep cleaning more and more clothes out of the closet. i even hit up carter’s for a nice little fall clothes sale.  got a super cute dress and some stockings and what not. now we just have to wait until september. pfft.  some outfits i’m sad to see  go.

i decided to only keep the onesies that we made ourselves.  i know lots of people keep baby

peep the hair clip

clothes for the next baby but i won’t discuss that and then how would i even want those same outfits again. when it comes to baby gear, i haven’t made up my mind just yet. but that’s why mom’s have big houses for storage eh?!

and strangely after 5 months of numerous outfit changes a day, i still suck at putting on baby clothes.  there are just too many adjustments and snaps and whatnot.  plus the kid is squirmy.  i can barely get into my shirts that have too many straps.  it would be nice when the kid starts to cooperate…or can dress herself.  whichever comes first.

holy crap.  5 months already. how?!

bre. circa 1984

my family is into hair.  my great grandmother’s motto was “you had to suffer to be beautiful” i was privy to roller sets weekly from the age of 18 months until…i guess until i cut my hair short in 8th grade.  because of my upbringing i could never stand the torture of braids or styles where i didn’t have immediate access to combing, styling, or playing in my own hair. i NEED to do things things on a regular basis.  brownlee likes to joke that it takes me days to do the little bit of hair that i have when it comes to washing, drying, straightening, and then curling all 3-4 inches of hair on my head. SO WHAT! that’s how i roll! i get it cut on the regular, i do it on the regular, i buy stuff to put in on it on the regular. that is life.

lots and lots of people i know have made the transition from chemically straightened (permed) hair to having their hair in its natural state.  i’ve had a perm since i was about 2 and i don’t have any plans to go to the other side. and everyone told me if i had a girl that i would be in trouble because i don’t know how to comb hair.  that was a false statement cause i comb mine all the time, but i do realize that now i will have to deal with a real live curly head.

as addy’s hair grows longer and thicker and mo longer and mo thicker it is getting curlier and curlier.  it was small waves at first, but now its full blown heavy sections of curls. i can almost gather it into two ponytails! and soon the days of doing absolutely nothing to it but throwing on a headband will be over and i need to get it together.

yesterday i ordered some awesome new hair clips for her on Etsy (OneLittleMonkeyShop, how fitting) but then i got to thinking they might require more than just picking at a few strands in the front and attaching the clip. i’m not ready to  corral her in my lap and force her to slicking brushes and extensive plaits and twists (not EVER) but still.

i like the Johnson&Johnsons and Aveeno baby hair wash i’ve been using but i should probably start to only wash her hair as often as i wash mine. unless of course she gets throw up in it, which is somehow a common occurrence. and i’m going to have to try out some sort of moisturizing…something to help it out through the inbetween times.

i want easy, the total opposite of the picture up top. but also something that will help care for her hair and maybe even accentuate the curls. is that possible? i’m really looking into these Curl products for babies. they will even send some samples with the product!!! i know natural hair care can be expensive (hell, hair care in general) but i also know that as she gets bigger her hair will continue to change. mine just quit falling out the other day! so who knows when hers will get to some stable point.

anywho, does anyone have any tips on what to do? any hair care secrets of your own or advice on what to do with baby’s hair? i’m open to most suggestions, but please remember who you are talking to. don’t get too technical on me. i’m not really trying to plug any products or anything, just want to have something that actually works.

it seems like every week there is tons of new stuff to report.  addy is inches away from completing a rollover.  brownlee says she did it the other day but she hasn’t done it for me when i’m ready to filmdeo.  i think she thinks its funny and will do it when she damn well pleases, just like everything else.

however, i have been putting her in the crib square in the middle and when she gets up we find her trying to escape.   where? where are you going baby?  and in order to encourage the roll over we’ve been playing on the floor a lot more.  she’ll do this thing where she grabs her head and screams at the top of her lungs and rotates 75% of the way. you can hear me and brownlee gasp and hold our breath hoping this will be the time she rolls over, then she lets her head go and plops back on her back laughing at us. we even try to coax her over or show her what we want her to do.  why do we think she cares?

and speaking of playing on the floor, this is addy’s new favorite toy.

a cup.

she was getting really mad at me when she saw me drinking.  she yelled in Target when i put my Iced Chai in the stroller cup holder. i let her touch it and i’m sure i got some sneers for handing  a Starbucks cup to an infant.  then we tried to get her to drink some water but she just wanted to grab the glass.  so i opted for the kiddie cup in the cupboard and it was a success.  which is great because me, YaYa, and Grandpa took Addy to Babies R Us and i found this awesome kiddie remote. it was all visually stimulating with the black and white picture on the top. and every time you hit a button it sounded like you were changing a channel and there’s some tv jibba jabba.  it was instantly Addy approved in the store. we even opened it up in the car so she could play with it.  then we got home and she saw the real remote and promptly discarded the toy one.  i even tried to show her how mommy used it to point at the tv. it didn’t fool her. oh but Cup. that’s a win.

she really seems to enjoy the food.  we’ve done oatmeal, green beans, pears, and today sweet potatoes.  it’s been a great success (and pile of laundry. seriously how do you get green bean stains out. someone let me know) and i’m ready to try some new combos for her like a veggie and fruit and bump her up to two feedings a day.

brownlee told me that the sweet potatoes weren’t bad because he got some on his hand and licked it off.  i’ll admit that i nibbled at the pears myself in an effort to get addy to open her mouth and try them (also mainly i just wanted to try them).  i know a lot of moms out there are making their own food by steaming vegetables and utilizing a blender and blah blah.  that’s great and all but that’s just not me.  it’s prepackaged so nicely for my purchase. i even shopped 3 different Targets to see who sold them the cheapest (ok i was just in target shopping for other things and took note). but i don’t want to get into the habit of nibbling on addy’s food because i’m sure most of it tastes like cwap.  however, she did give me a taste when i bent down to kiss her and she promptly threw up sweet potatoes into my mouth.

brownlee thought it was vindication for that time she sharted on his leg.


as far as mommyhood goes, i’m good and ready to go shopping.  i’ve been a horrible pet mom cause Scooter still hasn’t been groomed in ages.  i finally washed him and trimmed some of the hair out his eyes. he doesn’t hate the baby anymore and doesn’t run from her when i put her at his eye level.

i could use a nice bottle of wine or margarita (do they come in bottle form) and a big fat dinner or brunch out of the house, but otherwise i’m doing pretty good.

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