how is my tiny baby 6 months already? (the pic is up on the Monthly Pictures Page)

the doctors appt is in a couple days so i will have the height and weight stats then. i think she’s gaining some weight because her 6 month clothes are actually kinda fitting. what! not like they’re snug, just the fact that she can get into them and they swallow her whole. the only real problem is that clothing companies think that it’s time for fall when in fact it was 109 degrees yesterday so these cute long sleeved onesies are of no use to me right now. i’m pretty sure she can still fit them when the weather gets decent though.

we went ahead to the ImageShots in the mall to get her pictures taken.  it was a fairly simple process and very cheap. and then i found out about this super awesome program to “photoshop” my pictures.  Adobe Lightroom is fantastic. i had been telling brownlee that i wanted him to photoshop them and he would just stare at me.  i wanted the fancy lighting and different tones and hues and etc and he just kinda stared at me and said he could airbrush makeup on. what?! come to find out he had the program all along and now i’m going to spend even more time messing with the kids pics.  but at least i don’t need the fancy camera…yet. woo!

go have a peek at what i’ve done so far


she is a super pro at sitting up. she likes to use you as leverage to stand just because. still not exactly a crawler but she is very very mobile.  lordy.she is also more…vocal? she will just giggle when things are exactly funny but she just wants to make a noise or get your attention.  and sometimes she kind of just mumbles to herself.  which is a nice change from the screeching i hear when i attempt to comb her hair.

how did we get here so fast?!

edit: i did some research and figured out how to embed the photo slideshow!!!