so remember way back forever ago when i was pregnant and brownlee was all “you don’t need a changing table” and “you don’t need that many blahblahs”? ok well what we really don’t need ever is baby toys.


addy’s current interest is in tags.  not like high dollar label things but the actual tags on things.  toys, blankets, you name it.

you're next

hand her a plush toy and she turns it over until she finds the care tag that sticks out the back. and then she gnaws on it.  and i’m on the innanet talking to the other mommy bloggers and baby bumpers and asking them what’s the what about the tags.  then i hear tale of taggie blankets that super crafty mommies make that are just a piece of cloth with different tags on the ends.  so what do i do? google tag blankets.  and learn that they sell them in target.  how awesome! an actual reason to go to target! (as if i ever needed one). but then as i sit addy on my bed to fold some laundry, i come up with the brilliant idea to just give addy a tshirt to chew on. it has a tag! its cotton and can soak up drool! i’m pretty much the smartest mom ever in life! and addy loved it.  she pulled it over her face.  chewed on the tag.  examined the shirt.  ate up the tag.  then took it out her mouth, leaned over, and spit up all over my comforter.  then i realized it was my Buc-ee’s t-shirt.  double dose of fail.

then i was in target and looked for the taggie blanket thing and they were sold out. and of course i’m thinking “oh this must be awesome i have to have a taggies blanket…for addy i mean”. but i found these plush blocks. and one had taggies! and one makes crinkly noise! and one has letters on it! and one has a rattle inside” (ok there are only 4 blocks but i mean they have lots of sides). i bring it home and whip them out for addy to play. look addy! look how awesome!

thanks for these dumb blocks mom!

she got the one block with a for real regular ass care tag on it and ate it.

here’s other things she likes to eat and play with.

but i'd rather eat your yoga pants

and the wipes box is the coolest

also i wised up and give her a baby hooded blanket or just a cloth diaper to chew on instead of my own shirts to catch the drool.  and speaking of chewing on, that’s all addy does.  everyone has been saying that she’s been teething since like may. and i coulda sworn a tooth was going to pop out overnight but i still don’t even feel anything.  and my hands are in her mouth all the time (against my will).

Naynee got some teething rings when we went to visit and addy just never cared for them but i actually read the directions and they say to put them in the fridge not the freezer. and she loves them! who woulda thought reading directions would make something work right. and who woulda thought teethers came with directions.  ha! i mostly think that she’s just better with her hands nowand wants to chew on things so that’s why they work.  Either way they will work until she eyes something else that is NOT a toy for babies and is actually a functioning items for adults like cell phones or remotes and things of that nature.  i’m going to have to do something about the coffee table because she keeps eyeing the wrought iron curved legs.  instead of baby-proofing i might just get rid of everything in the living room. it’s just easier



and cheaper.