kelly just had a baby! YAY KELLS! we went to go see the new family at the hospital and as soon as the oohs and ahhs were over kelly and i started to compare battle scars.  not a literal lifting of the shirts and showing stretch marks or scars or anything but more so a genral comparison of how the childbearing process went for us.  c-section versus vaginal.  and i swear i was going on like a war veteran just shaking my head like never ever again. and kelly was all hopped up on pain meds planning the next baby.  as i type this i’m shaking my head at the whole idea of it, but that’s another blog for another day.  she’s the type that would sign up for another tour of duty and i’m the type that would be cross-dressing looking for a psych discharge.  but now we’re moms and that’s the kind of thing only people that have been through labor can discuss. it’s a crazy awesome group to belong to.

and then i got to bestow all my priceless knowledge upon kells.  do this.  don’t do that. nurses are wrong and doctors suck! it’s your baby do whatever you want. don’t listen when people say blah blah! have your mom do this! babies are gross! and so on. i tried not to be as bad as people were to me but i mean i’m a pro at being a mom.  a whole 5 months under my belt.  i should be up for a raise soon! ha! but i did try to give practical advice and made sure i said “well we tried…” instead of strict orders to follow my way. at least in my head i did.

anywho addy has been very…active lately. we have progressed from the random goo goo gaa gaa to full on dissertations.  granted addy is the only one who can understand it but she is very adamant about getting her point across to us.  we’ve watched lots and lots of Despicable Me and i found this new show Classical Baby on HBO that’s just animated classical heres the talking and addy watching Classical Baby combined.

she’s also becoming a pro sitter upper. she doesn’t bend over in half anymore, well not all the time.  she’s starting to get the hang of it. woo! here’s her and her co-star Cup.

(she keeps looking over at Brownlee playing vidya games)

also we jumped the gun and bumped addy up to the larger nipples for 6 month old babies.  so she was flying through her bottles and then later in the hour she’d puke up a large majority of it.  there’s several cuts of the video that include massive amounts of throw up with someone (me) going “ewwwwww” every time. so we’re going to just go back down to 2 and let her take it slow. apparently the 6 month holes are for when you add cereal to the formula. yeaaaah we’re not doing that.  and Booby bought addy sippy cups! but i’m not ready for her to have juice, so we might start to put the formula in the cup instead of the bottle.  or half and half so she gets used to cups.  i was reading how the sooner you do it the more easily they are (likely) to adapt to a cup instead of waiting until they turn a year then they get all set in their ways.  who addy?! no way! (yeah right).

also i’m so mad at that hospital for not issuing us a Digital SLR camera to take home with our new baby.  i mean they already charged us out the wazoo what’s another couple hundred for a fancy pants camera?! i need it now! i have lots of pictures i want to take and i want them to be of perfect quality and taken at lightning fast speed.  so now i gotta go get me a piggy bank to save up for one. i swears i’ll take care of it and treat it good and keep it for ever and ever (in my Elmyra voice). but i have to do lots of research to see which one best suits me before i take the plunge.

speaking of nice pics, addy turns 6 months the end of this month so i’ll probably schedule a photo session somewhere and hopefully just get the pics i have a coupon for and not get tooken for a bazillion dollars of pics that addy is just too cute in.  pfft. but at least brownlee will be there to stop me from going too bananas buying poses.

that won’t stop me from getting cute outfits for the shoot though! sucka.