this weekend was a first in our household.  Addy spent the weekend with the Grandparents. dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

we survived.

my friends have been talking about going to New Orleans…well daily for about a year, since our last trip.  the city is awesome. we love to eat. we love to walk around the French Quarter. so why not go.  i was a little apprehensive because i’ve never spent the night away from Addy and although i don’t fancy myself a clingy mom, i just hadn’t really been up to the challenge yet.  but i HAD to get to New Orleans so i was willing to suck it up.

at first some people were shocked that i was willing to leave my five-month old at home with…wait for it…her own FATHER (the horror) because everyone knows that men are highly incapable of taking care of their own offspring (why haven’t they invented a sarcasm font yet). but to take some of the load off, YaYa offered up her services to watch Addy for one night while Brownlee went out and I was out of town.  things went so well they went ahead and kept her another night.  I got pictures of the fabulous hair do YaYa gave Addy (3 ponytails…so much hair) and Brownlee managed to keep himself occupied to not go crazy from being home alone.

I won’t lie and say I partied it up in New Orleans because I’ve never been a party it up type of person, but I ate like a champ and had a blast. it was a return to me being the old me and not just the Mommy Bre or Worker Bee Bre.  i loved it.  but i equally enjoyed coming home and finding Addy knocked out in the bed and Brownlee watching some crap movie.  part of me was worried that Addy wouldn’t remember who i was because i have no idea about a baby’s ability to remember things or what their concept of time is. but this morning she woke up smiling at me and kicking laughing as i changed her diaper.  then she snuggled right up with me and went back to sleep after her bottle.  even gave me a poopie diaper to show how much she missed me.  oh and then she thew up on my chin later. she really loves me! and i didn’t complain one bit.

this is my life but as with everything a break was highly needed.  i think we’re all refreshed and reset and ready to enjoy our little family.throw up and all.

also, i only woke up once thinking i heard Addy at the hotel in New Orleans. 🙂

how could you not love that?!