so you know addy’s favoritest new thing is rolling over.  after four right-on pics our mini photo shoot turned to this


food has been going great. we just bumped addy up to the bigger sized nipples.  4 holes.  they’re supposed to be for when you put cereal in the bottle but we aren’t doing that.  the result is that she runs through a bottle now.  same amount of food but half the time.  still not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  and she loves all sorts of the foods.  peaches.  sweet potatoes.  bananas.  all of it. loves it.  i haven’t done any reading on when we move up to the 2nd stage foods that are more complex like “mixed vegetables” or “cranberries and bananas”. fancy diapers. also there is a very prominent tooth bud on the top gums.  when she bites on my hands i can feel it coming in.  this means 8x more drool than before and a lot of gnawing on toys/books/anythingNOTateether.

i’m very very sure that crawling is on the horizon.  she’s been very interested in scooter but the feeling is not mutual.  she’ll get after him soon i’m sure.  the jumperoo is still going strong.  we’ve moved the pack n play from our bedroom to the living room so she can hang out.  Rugrats style! kicking is her new thing too.  she would always kick once we laid her down on the changing table. but now its anywhere! in the feeding chair.  in the tub.  in the air.  whatever. kicking is the coolest.

sleeping is going well.  the waking and talking is starting to phase out.  or maybe i’ve just been sleeping through it? either way we’re getting a little more sleep. a little more quietly.

we keep cleaning more and more clothes out of the closet. i even hit up carter’s for a nice little fall clothes sale.  got a super cute dress and some stockings and what not. now we just have to wait until september. pfft.  some outfits i’m sad to see  go.

i decided to only keep the onesies that we made ourselves.  i know lots of people keep baby

peep the hair clip

clothes for the next baby but i won’t discuss that and then how would i even want those same outfits again. when it comes to baby gear, i haven’t made up my mind just yet. but that’s why mom’s have big houses for storage eh?!

and strangely after 5 months of numerous outfit changes a day, i still suck at putting on baby clothes.  there are just too many adjustments and snaps and whatnot.  plus the kid is squirmy.  i can barely get into my shirts that have too many straps.  it would be nice when the kid starts to cooperate…or can dress herself.  whichever comes first.

holy crap.  5 months already. how?!