brownlee is a talker.  that’s not a good nor a bad thing. it’s just a fact. he talks.  A LOT.  addy is picking up that habit and sometimes its super duper cute because i’ll be all “oh really?!” and “and then what?” and she will just go on and on with her story.

sometimes we don’t even need to add our two cents in, she will just start talking.  if we aren’t paying attention she will get a little angry and you can totally tell in her tone that you better listen up.

but it’s not always cute and adorable.  sometimes it’s at 2am on the monitor.  and then 4am.  and then 5am.  and well that’s just silly.  i’ve read about this phenomenon on The Bump called the 4 month wakeful period.  addy’s been sleeping through the night in her own crib just wonderfully for months.  but now she will just wake up and start talking.  she’s not hungry or upset or scared or anything. she just is in there babbling.  luckily we’re almost to 5 months and with any luck this phase will leave just as quickly as it came.

yeah 5 months is coming soon! addy is really growing up quickly.  the rolling that i was so desperate to witness (and “film”) is the norm now and most of her time is spent on a big blanket on the floor on her tummy.  i actually went and bought her some (more) 6 months clothes from Carter’s because they are having a fall sale. whaaat long sleeves coming up! i might actually get to put her in one of those 800 hats she has.  can’t wait to get her one with ear flaps and a puffy top (see: Despicable Me, which i am currently watching despite the kid being long asleep)

oh and here’s a little video (featuring Cup) of what the talking sounds like:
(warning:video may or may not contain throw up)

(clearly it did contain throw up. this is my life. you’re welcome)