it seems like every week there is tons of new stuff to report.  addy is inches away from completing a rollover.  brownlee says she did it the other day but she hasn’t done it for me when i’m ready to filmdeo.  i think she thinks its funny and will do it when she damn well pleases, just like everything else.

however, i have been putting her in the crib square in the middle and when she gets up we find her trying to escape.   where? where are you going baby?  and in order to encourage the roll over we’ve been playing on the floor a lot more.  she’ll do this thing where she grabs her head and screams at the top of her lungs and rotates 75% of the way. you can hear me and brownlee gasp and hold our breath hoping this will be the time she rolls over, then she lets her head go and plops back on her back laughing at us. we even try to coax her over or show her what we want her to do.  why do we think she cares?

and speaking of playing on the floor, this is addy’s new favorite toy.

a cup.

she was getting really mad at me when she saw me drinking.  she yelled in Target when i put my Iced Chai in the stroller cup holder. i let her touch it and i’m sure i got some sneers for handing  a Starbucks cup to an infant.  then we tried to get her to drink some water but she just wanted to grab the glass.  so i opted for the kiddie cup in the cupboard and it was a success.  which is great because me, YaYa, and Grandpa took Addy to Babies R Us and i found this awesome kiddie remote. it was all visually stimulating with the black and white picture on the top. and every time you hit a button it sounded like you were changing a channel and there’s some tv jibba jabba.  it was instantly Addy approved in the store. we even opened it up in the car so she could play with it.  then we got home and she saw the real remote and promptly discarded the toy one.  i even tried to show her how mommy used it to point at the tv. it didn’t fool her. oh but Cup. that’s a win.

she really seems to enjoy the food.  we’ve done oatmeal, green beans, pears, and today sweet potatoes.  it’s been a great success (and pile of laundry. seriously how do you get green bean stains out. someone let me know) and i’m ready to try some new combos for her like a veggie and fruit and bump her up to two feedings a day.

brownlee told me that the sweet potatoes weren’t bad because he got some on his hand and licked it off.  i’ll admit that i nibbled at the pears myself in an effort to get addy to open her mouth and try them (also mainly i just wanted to try them).  i know a lot of moms out there are making their own food by steaming vegetables and utilizing a blender and blah blah.  that’s great and all but that’s just not me.  it’s prepackaged so nicely for my purchase. i even shopped 3 different Targets to see who sold them the cheapest (ok i was just in target shopping for other things and took note). but i don’t want to get into the habit of nibbling on addy’s food because i’m sure most of it tastes like cwap.  however, she did give me a taste when i bent down to kiss her and she promptly threw up sweet potatoes into my mouth.

brownlee thought it was vindication for that time she sharted on his leg.


as far as mommyhood goes, i’m good and ready to go shopping.  i’ve been a horrible pet mom cause Scooter still hasn’t been groomed in ages.  i finally washed him and trimmed some of the hair out his eyes. he doesn’t hate the baby anymore and doesn’t run from her when i put her at his eye level.

i could use a nice bottle of wine or margarita (do they come in bottle form) and a big fat dinner or brunch out of the house, but otherwise i’m doing pretty good.