a year ago i found out i was having a baby.  a monkey pie.  we went from appleseeds to grapes to mangoes to fruits and veggies i never even heard of to a giant watermelon.

morning sickness.  lunchtime sickness.  evening sickness.  nighttime sickness.  weight gain.  food aversions. heartburn.  rubberband tricks.  BeBands. and eventually maternity jeans.

ultrasounds and a bazillion doctors visits. old wives tales and tons of gender guesses and re-guesses.

and then it got hard. labor. delivery.  it’s a GIRL?! diapers.  spitup. “holy crap we had a baby”. sleep. not sleep. sleep. not sleep. back to work. one month. two months. three months.  four.

it’s been awesome. and new and trying and fun and cool and scary. and awesome.

at first this was just a means to keep everyone informed on what was going on.  i knew that i would be repeating recaps of doctors visits 15 times (and i did anyway) and wanted to make sure everyone got all the same info.  same pictures.  same what was goings ons. but now i really love it.  i get to give some sort of insight into our daily lives and people actually pay attention! i have a running commentary of what is happening and can easily go back to a date and see how it was to be pregnant. i’m an occasional  journal writer, but i’m at a computer all day and always mobile with my blackberry so this is the easiest thing ever.  i make a point to do things the old fashioned way and get pics printed and clip hospital wrist bands for the baby book and what not.  but i really really love the blog.

and i’m so thankful to have so many people chime in and be interested and genuinely care about our little lives.  you guys are the best.

so here’s to one year down! and i guess to however many more as long as blogging is still a thing.

any questions about anything so far or to come? things you want to see? things i need to change around? i’m all ears (well, eyes) and open to suggestions.