i’m the proud mommy of a 4 month old today.  addy had her 4 month appointment today and everything is right on target, of course.  she’s 12 lbs 4oz. that puts her in the 27th percentile so she’s gaining  weight just fine.  and she’s 24″ now. so she’s grown a whole 4 inches!

the doctor (in training) did the regular gamut of tests on addy. tongue depresser, follow the light, look in the ear. everythings good.  then she flipped her on her tummy to see how that went. addy popped her head up as usual and started kicking her feet as hard as she could.

the doctor looks at us and goes “oh she’ll be crawling very soon!”

<record scratch>


and then our regular doctor came in and did the same tests just for his own sake and asked how she was doing.  we told them that she likes to grab glasses, be upside down, yell at us, put everything in her mouth.  and i told him that when she sits up she likes to lean way far forward. to which he replies “most 6 month olds do that. she’s very developmentally advanced”


so i’m about to start freaking out about baby-proofing. maybe.

but my main concern was for them to just teach me how the food thing was supposed to go. do i really need to do the color groups? is it important that veggies come before fruits? how much? is oatmeal different from rice cereal?

and then they go “oh none of that matters. it’s all just for practice and she gets most of her nutrition from the formula. we can give her oatmeal, green beans, and a bottle. or peaches and peas. whatever combo we want! as long as she gets her formula.

and now instead of 4oz every 2.5-3 hours we can shoot for about 6oz every 4-5 hours. woo!

soooo we’re about to go get some small variety of baby food to see how that goes. i have to try and remember that they will be spaced out every 4 or 5 days so i won’t get like 15 different things and be mad she can’t try them yet lol. she loves her oatmeal so we’ll stick with that. i just have to get over trying to wipe her mouth and hands after every spoonful. and i never go fast enough for her liking so she probably thinks, why am i going to wait for you when i can just eat whats already on my fingers? and then she does.

she had more shots and will have another round at the next checkup at 6 months.

and of course the progression page has been updated with the new pic so you can see her growing.