This weekend we did nothing.  I mean nothing.  It was such a good change of pace.  Saturday we watched Michael Jackson videos, Ninja Warrior, and 4 or 5 episodes of Game of Thrones.  I left the house for the first time at 8pm to walk Scooter.  Then I washed him and we all sat around some more until we fell asleep after Cheaters.  

Sunday YaYa came to get Addy and me and Brownlee went to the grocery store. Then I watched no less than 4 hours of Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole show which resulted in Brownlee and I yelling at scientist for spending millions of dollars and time on unanswerable questions.  

I eOrgranized my life and tagged the 570 pictures I have of Addison since her entrance into the world.  Thank you Windows Live Photo Gallery!!! That “To The Cloud” business is no joke.  Better now than at 6 months or Christmas or something when I’ve gotten in 30x that.  I’ve gone through and sorta worked on the blog, made Brownlee make me a new button, but then really spent most of my time reading other awesome mommy blogs (check the sidebar buttons).

I made some dinner and we watched some Bridezillas and True Blood (open-mouthed for the return of Eric and Jason Stackhouse and all their hotness), and then Addy came home about 930p and that’s when I realized…maaaaaybe I should have done something with myself.


I half-assed it the whole weekend.  Saturday I washed my hair during the day and didn’t flat iron it until it was time to go to the grocery store Sunday morning.  Then we barely had a list together so who really knows what meals we’ll be eating this week. Fish and…something? Noodles and…a meat? Cereal cereal cereal.

After that I was all “lets go through Addy’s clothes and figure out what’s too small and what’s ‘new’ that needs to be washed” and we did and I had a washing machine full of baby clothes. I even went through and took the sheet off her bed to wash and the cushion from the Jumperoo and swing, and that is by no means a simple task.  Threw them in the wash, dried them…and then left them in the dryer.  That’s my M.O. but its no bueno when the kid comes home and I’m like ooooh yeah she has nothing to sleep on and nothing to sit in while I put the sheet on the bed because the Jumperoo and swing are bare.  Even though she’s been in her crib the past 2 or 3 weeks we haven’t put up the pack n play, so she chilled in there while we put things up.

I got to work this morning and there was all kinds of crap from the weekend in my purse. Receipts from the store.  Coupons from things not purchased.  An uncharged iPod.  Cash floating around. 

On our agenda for this week is to watch 2 Netflix and do something anniversary related (3 years together today) because we aren’t really the celebrating type (last year we went to dinner early as to not miss the True Blood season premier) but maybe I also need to put “get it together” on the list.  It was a miracle I had anything to wear to work today.

There’s a balance somewhere between being so busy I hate my phone when it rings, and doing so much of nothing you consider calling in on Monday just to be ready for Tuesday.  There has to be a college willing to donate money to a scientist so Morgan Freeman can help them find where exactly that balance is.


“Your half-ass overparenting is far worse than your half-ass underparenting” – Bart Simpson (to which Homer replies “But I used my whole ass”)