long long ago when i was pregnant i was all “i don’t care how funny my kid is, don’t put her on YouTube.” i wasn’t even too keen on bombarding facebook with pictures of the baby.

but that was then and this is now.  people are way more interested than i thought and i love blogging and well…we got a YouTube account.

it’s unlisted so that means it can only be viewed when you have the direct link, or click directly on the video when i link it into a blog.  it can’t be shared from there. seems simple enough.


of course we didn’t start taping (yes i still say “tape”) until she wasn’t laughing so hard but this is the kind of pointless videos newb parents make.  you love it!

i went ahead and embedded video into the Addy and the ‘Roo post, and the She Likes It! Addy Likes It!. and added a “Video” category tab (as if anyone pays attention to categories and tags).

and i’ll probably spend the rest of this lazy saturday fixing tags on my Photobucket account to share more pictures of Addy than I do on Facebook. I have TONS but limit myself and I don’t even bombard the blog with pics.  so we’ll see how fully integrated i can get everything on the innanets.

and shutup Ariel.