what? i'm busy

we gave addy cereal today.  i know she’s not technically 4 months yet and stuff says to wait until then but addy’s shown overwhelming interest in our food.  pushes out her tongue and stares at us.  she grabs at our spoons. and i swear she rolled her eyes at me when i was drinking some tea this weekend. like “don’t you see me wanting that!” and also i’m the mom and me and brownlee agreed to go ahead and try it now.  she’ll be 4 months tuesday and i was going to wait until then for the doctor to give us an okay and some instructions, but brownlee’s all “what’s the doctor going to do? push a button to make her cereal-ready?”.  we figured the worst that could happen besides wicked throw up and maybe some extra poop?

gerber sent some info on what’s the what on giving baby “solids”.  instructions are to start with some cereal.  we used oatmeal but technically that’s still cereal, just a different flavor.  it’s powdery flakes, not unlike boxed potatoes or malt-o-meal.  one tablespoon of that plus 4-5 tablespoons of formula.  i’ve heard of people adding it to bottles, but our objective is to get addy ready for reals baby food.  the green beans and bananas and turkey dinners we have stocked up in the pantry. and so on and so on to table food.

we finally broke out the high-chair from the closet.  it’s actually just a feeding seat that will strap on to any chair so the baby can sit right at the table with us when we eat, assuming we ate at a table like good ol Americans do.  brownlee assembled it (of course) and it’s pretty cool.  it reclines so you can give newborns a bottle.  it has just about as many straps as the car seat and what not, but they weren’t tricky.  the tray adjusts to stay level for me no matter how reclined the seat is.  what what!

i grabbed the food and set addy up on the floor next to the coffee table where proper meals are eaten. at first she looked a little confused but i touched a little bit of the cereal on her spoon and put it to her mouth and let her taste it.  annnnd liftoff.

she really liked it and slurped it off the spoon right away, but she wasn’t too keen on letting me be the one to do the feeding.  i swear her first words are going to be “let me do it”.  she wanted to lick the spoon.  then put the spoon in her mouth on her own.  then lick the food off her hands after she put them in the spoon.  she was quickly covered in milky oatmeal but loved it.  until i wasn’t giving her the food fast enough.

and then she just decided that enough was enough and mommy was slow and she was taking over the feeding process.

then she got fussy and we went ahead and gave her the bottle.  and then i gave her a few more spoonfuls of cereal when she was done.  she didn’t eat all the cereal i made but she put a big dent in it.  i think we have to do it when she’s not starving right at her normal time to eat.  maybe in between feedings when it’s not so urgent???

but all in all in went VERY well.  we’ll give it a go until the doctors visit and then see what the next steps are.  i guess green beans or something.  that should be nice and interesting.


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