addy’s more active now and we need something for her to do.  she wants to move around and get to toys and shove them in her mouth.  when we were registering for gifts i put a jumperoo on the registry because it was just one of the things that looked cool when we were shopping, but so far we haven’t had a need for anything as…busy.

but brownlee was saying how addy wasn’t really getting much enjoyment out of the bouncy seat and he had some work to do so he needed addy to be occupied.  so i considered the option of buying a jumperoo.  i did some research (read: asked the girls on The Bump), clipped a coupon, grabbed some gift cards from the stash, and we took a family trip down to Babies R Us

my main concern was addy’s size. i figured that with a full diaper she might be at 12lbs.  but a few of the girls mentioned they’re babies weren’t too big so i figured we had a win.

i actually went in blind.  i didn’t want to fall in love with one and then my store didn’t have it, because if you’ve ever been to a BRU you know that’s highly possible.  Fisher Price got good reviews so that’s what we were going for, but we ended up with a Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper .  it had back support for smaller babies, more height adjustment options, hooks to add on more toys later, and they say it’s portable and stores easily.  i thought it would fold, but the arms pop off so i guess that’s fine or whatever.  more realistically we’ll just leave it in the living room because to move it into addy’s room we have to tilt it sideways.  after 4 hours of owning it, i’m already tired of moving it…the one time.

daddy assembled it, which was pretty simple because we didn’t need tools (except to insert batteries).  all the toys popped into place and then we inserted addy.

that right there was worth the price of the toy.

it has activities on all 4 sides and the seat spins.  well it would if addy knew what spinning was (and her feet could stay on the ground) but i’m sure she’ll figure that out very very quickly.  luckily the thing comes with a teething toy attached that can be freezed or just left as is that addy could put in her mouth.  well she actually put everything she could into her mouth but i know that if she ever enjoys anything cold, we’ll try it out.  she didn’t too much care about the music part that plays Bach, Mozart, etc, but she was impressed with the lighting up that the keys did. the piano also tells her the shapes in Espanol and French (for the bebè).

basically the thing is awesome and i wish i had one at my desk.  here’s some more of addy enjoying it.

the spinning side

the music side

we tried to see if pillows would help. they didn

best. toy. ever.


here’s video