Addy & Daddy

I would like to think that our first attempt at Father’s Day went pretty well.  We had a great breakfast on Saturday at LePeep, Brownlee got some alone time while I was at a baby shower and Addy was with her YaYa.  Sunday morning Brownlee got to open his presents from Addy ;a tie, (because she heard that’s what all dads get) and a Run DMC tshirt (because they listen to a lot of old school music all day).  Then we went to Pearland where we stuffed our faces and laughed with family all day and were so desperate for sports that we gathered around the TV to watch US Open Championship.

Is this what it’s come to? GOLF???

Anyway, I couldn’t come up with a clever Addy letter because I’d probably be all teary trying to type it, but there are some things that I hope Brownlee and Addy develop in their relationship as they continue to get older and closer and all that father-daughter jazz.

I want Brownlee to become a master of the one ponytail and that him and Addy share so many inside jokes that it makes me jealous.  To help her with all math homework and suck it up and even take on the task of reading bedtime stories from time to time.

I hope that he is the dad who doesn’t mind having 15 8-year olds at his house for a sleepover or coaching the basketball team.  And that she doesn’t get embarrassed if her dad pops into class and takes her to lunch, or even just picks her up from school.

I know that Chris Rock is right in thinking that it’s every man’s duty to “keep his daughter off of that pole”, but I do hope that whatever Addy does decide to do with her life that we stand behind her and support her and accept her as is.  Seems like most girls have some sort of daddy issues and I hope that Addy’s are that her dad loves her too much and treats her way too good.  I also hope that with all the love and good treating comes enough discipline and respect that she doesn’t run rampant and turn rotten. And even if she ends up being an only child, let her never have “only child syndrome”.

Let them have a good relationship to where she can talk to her dad about anything and he will actually listen.  May he scare the crap out of any guy that chooses to take her out on a date, but then slide her some cash before she walks out the door.  


And that she never touches a pair of skinny jeans until she is well into her teens (ie; 17, or never). “for I will not have that shit” – Tina Fey, Bossypants