i know last week i was all concerned about Addy sleeping on her own and seperation anxiety and what not.  I am <this> close to being over that, and i’m sure Addy is good and tired of the Pack&Play.

she’s a mover.  and needs lots more space…everywhere.

seriously like within the past week she’s done all kinds of new stuff it’s hard to keep track of.  she loves the vibrating chair now, and we figured that she’s not big enough to reach the toys so we bring the toys to her, which she promptly grabs and tries to shove in her mouth, then gets frustrated that the owl is too big to go in her mouth. 

and of course she loves the birds that chirp around the swing. but now she wants them in her mouth too and has discovered her leg strength and actually tries to get them.


this is why everything comes with a seatbelt to strap your kid into it. i’m sure soon and very soon i’ll turn around to find the birds detached from the swing (no bueno since this is borrowed goods).

also she only lets us lay her down when she’s a little sleepy.  after a bottle might work if it’s not the middle of the day.  she pushes to try and sit up.  usually it ends up with her head by her toes, but if we use props, she’ll sit up and watch tv on her own. which is great because i was considering dropping $40 on a Bumbo (a kiddie seat). 

we’ve gotten to about 3.5 minutes of tummy time before she starts to lose her mind and i flip her back over onto her back.  but with that short amount of time she’ll push up onto her hands and have her arms almost all the way extended (picture a tiny girl baby pushup).  she swivels her head from side to side (probably looking to see who the hell put her on her tummy) and she’ll start to wiggle along the mat.

i’m kinda psyched because i take that to mean she’ll be crawling pretty soon (but what do i know).

another very new thing is yelling.  in an effort to prepare both of us for the impending crib move, i’ve tried to put addy to bed drowsy, not necessarily asleep.  sometimes it fails and she’ll start to cry.  but sometimes it works and she’ll just fall asleep on her own in the swing or pack and play if she’s super tired.  and sometimes she’ll talk to herself before falling asleep.  she yells at the monkeys on the mobile.  i don’ t know if she’s trying to make them move or what but at first brownlee and i were a little concerned that she was looking for us.  but she wasn’t.  she was simply just yelling and babbling.  and then she just closed her little (big) eyes and went to sleep.  she yells at the swing birds when they stop spinning as well. 

and saturday we loaded up the car and headed north to auntie bella’s house for swimming.  i bought swim diapers.  i bought sunblock (not to be confused with sunSCREEN which is apparently a no-no for everyone). i made a bottle and packed formula.  i overpacked the diaper bag.  i even was brave enough to throw on my swimsuit (because i haven’t worn a one piece since i was 12 and i wasn’t going to buy a new swimsuit and it was just ariels backyard). even YaYa and Grandpa were excited.  they hit Carter’s and loaded up on baby summer clothes including a little swimsuit and matching sun hat.  we were ready and super psyched.

addy was not.

too cool for the pool

the swim diapers were ginormous.  addy is in size 1 diapers and pampers splashers start at a size 3 which is for 16lbs+.  but i didn’t want a poo mishap so i put the things on her anyway. she could have just worn that because it covered her chest.  i slathered her down in sunblock but it didn’t even matter because it was 6pm and the sun had already started to set.  the hat fit but she didn’t want me to snap it closed around her chin.  whatever.  auntie carol held her while i got ready to get in the pool.

5 consecutive days of 100+ degree weather will make any pool feel like a bathtub.  i got in the pool and was ready for addy to get in but auntie carol was not.  she just wanted to play with addy on the side of the pool.  she allowed us a few minutes for picture taking purposes, but when addy actually got into the water, she was not impressed whatsoever.  all of the pictures look like her other “why are you in my face with the camera” pictures.  auntie carol quickly got addy back once she saw how uninterested the baby was.
i would say the day was a fail, but look how cute that picture is!