things are starting to get interesting in our household.  a 3 month old baby is 1000 times cooler than a 3 week old baby.  before all addy really did was sleep and eat and make me question why on earth anyone ever has a child.  but we’re way past that hump and getting to the good stuff.

she smiles and (sorta) giggles.  she looks up at mobiles and mirrors.  will babble back at us when we talk.  and last night she made good use of the vibrating seat thingy i once thought was useless by laughing when we spun the toys around and then giving a go at it herself (brownlee got good video but i haven’t decided how exactly we’ll be sharing addy vids). she struggles to sit up when you try to lay her down and she’s not sleepy (see: bathtub, or watching ESPN). it’s super fun.

except now i think it’s time for her to sleep in her own crib in her own room.

this right here puts me in a glass case of emotion. Ron Burgundy.  for the most part she’s been sleeping in the pack n play a mere 4 feet from where i sleep.  i’ve conditioned myself to sleep through her grunts and farts and changing positions 30 times throughout the course of the night.  and last week she quit her 3am wake ups and has been sleeping solidly though the night. 

her excitement from the road trip kinda knocked her off course, but i’m sure we’ll get back there this week. and i’m kinda worried that she might have picked up whatever sinus/allergie issues i have.  i know i’m sneezing cause i was in the country with no Claritin. but addy’s picked up the sneezes.  she’s been generally the same just a little sneezy and congested.  so i wanted to let her sleep with the humidifier.  the problem is that it makes the room 80 degrees and it’s that time of year that me and brownlee leave the fan on at night, which the doctor says doesn’t help congestion.

with all of those factors, i came to the conclusion that she can move to her crib. i mean all the signs are there.  plus for someone so small she takes up a large percentage of the queen-sized bed.  i got the sleep sheep and star turtle and monitor and set them up around her room.  i did various sound checks on everything.  i removed every shred of clothing and bear from out of the crib (which has become a stuffed animal zoo. sidebar: can anyone tell me what noise a giraffe makes so i can start making that to addy instead of going “oooohwhatevernoiseagiraffemakes”).  plucked addy from a sleeping brownlee and placed her in the crib.  hit the lights. turned on the humidifer. good to go.

took a nice hot shower and was ready for some baby-free relaxation. i already had my kindle and reading light ready. had on The Office and was ready to read until i fell asleep.  except that i checked on Addy no less than 8 times before i closed my eyes at 1215 am. i have full faith in the baby monitor, i just sorta missed her. i can’t explain exactly why i suddenly became so neurotic but i just had to get up and see what she was doing.  and thinking on it now, i honestly can’t say how many times i check while she’s in her packnplay. i figure once before i go to sleep, but i could be on auto pilot peeking over the side of the thing every 20 minutes. i had to fight the urge to just snatch her up and put her in the bed with me so i could sleep well on my 20% of the bed.

about 1am i heard her crying on the monitor. i figured once i got to sleep it wouldn’t be a big deal, but i was instantly relieved and went to snatch her up, pacify her, and hop right back in the bed only to regret it again when she punched me in the face twice and scratched up my arms (i have yet to master the art of baby nail clipping).

this morning while going over it, brownlee asks “so what time did addy wake up”. the monitor was on his side of the bed and he didn’t hear anything. he just woke up to hand me her pacifier and promptly fell back to sleep, so i don’t even think he realizes that he did it.  then he laughed at me for crossing over our 1350sq ft of apartment to check on a sleeping non-crying baby so many times. 

but this is just one of those mommy things i will have to get over. i will continue to put the kid in her crib as often as possible as much as it kills me….i think.


oh and i did put up the 3month picture on the progression page.