yesterday we celebrated addy turning 3 months old with several slabs of ribs, sausage, chicken, potato salad, strawberry cake, and mud pie.  that’s how they roll in Tatum Texas.

we started off the road trip friday mid-morning by me over-packing the crap out of brownlee’s car.  my motto was better safe than sorry.  especially with the rate of clothes addy can go through when she gets to throwing up.  she was fairly decent in the car. we only had to stop once to feed and change her and get mommy some very much needed caffeine (bottled frappuccino).

naynee and uncle john greeted us with open arms and a boatload of chicken enchiladas.  win.

saturday morning addy woke up at her usual time but i couldn’t really say what happened because i was knocked out. soon afterwards lots of brownlee’s’ family was over to visit and addy got passed around pretty quickly.  she was in a decent mood for a while but everyone figured she was teething because she quickly got a bad attitude and let everyone know it.  normally i would chalk it up to her having that “TMite” in her, but after talking with some aunts and cousins, i learned that Grandma Ann has a lot to do with that as well.  uncle john remedied that today with a quick run to walmart for some teething rings.

after ribs, we set addy up for a photo shoot courtesy of Naynee and her fancy pants camera.  we even had a couple wardrobe changes but the best pics were taken when addy was only in a diaper.

go figure.

the babycenter email says that at 3 months  addy should be sitting up for a few seconds if propped up on pillows.  she’s been doing that for a good while.  the past few days we’ve been here, she’s managed to snatch her paci from her daddy dangling (read: teasing) it a few inches in front of her face.  she also snatched the teething ring from me and promptly threw it on the floor.


we took a pic of her for the monthly photos but i forgot that the teddy bear is a reference point soooo it will be a 3month and 2day picture up soon.  i think.

hopefully the trip back home will go just as smoothly so monkey and mommy can get some rest.










and we will have to be back as soon as addy can hold on to a rib of her own.