i had addy 12 weeks ago but she’ll be 3 months Saturday.  i actually don’t make a big deal to keep track of the weeks, i just happened to notice when i logged into The Bump today and saw the ticker. i don’t want to be one of those people that refer to their kids as 15 or 22 or 37 months.

here are some of addy’s favorite things:

  • hands; eating of, examining of, slobbering of, yours
  • slobbering
  • smiling
  • laughing at whoever is changing the diaper
  • sudden change of emotion
  • looking in the mirror

the newest one of these is the looking in the mirror.  if i stand her on the counter she’ll look at her feet and feel the coolness of the counter.  and then she’ll look up into the mirror and become fascinated with her reflection.  i attribute that to her being part brownlee.

she won’t really try to touch her reflection, but she will reach out for mine or smile at herself or just kick her feet towards the mirror.  its pretty funny to her.  so is the globed mirror above her swing is pretty awesome to her as well.

this weekend we’ll be going to east texas for the weekend.  addy’s first road trip longer than riding the beltway to pearland.  her grandparents have her all geared


up with baby sunglasses and a hat and some flip flops.  i’m sort of anxious about the trip and i know i will overpack moreso than usual, but i also know that once we get to see Naynee i’ll be all calmed down (and full of ribs :)).

there should be tons of pics because i need a good shot to fill the 3-month slot in addy’s first year frame.  brownlee got it and we have a newborn, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, 1 year spaces to fill.  the newborn one is a shot from the hospital so i want to go ahead and do a professional pic every 3 months. at least for the first year.  i might not order tons each time (although stacey warned me EVERY pic will be adorable) but we’ll see how that goes.  maybe i’ll be some photo club member and get the rights to the pics.

we’ve also been getting a 90% full nights rest.  she’ll rumble and grunt around 3am but i just snatch her up and we go right back to bed.  she sleeps till about 6, 630, unless booby and jenni have worn her out like they did saturday and she slept from 12p-7am.  then went right back to sleep after a bottle.

and before i leave you, here’s the best childrens book there will ever be. (will probably be best viewed on an actual computer)

Go the F*** to Sleep