apparently we watch too much tv in this house.  is that a shocker? it can’t be if you know anything about me.  even if you don’t i’m american and i eat meat so that should automatically put me in the tv watching category.  we have 450 or so channels. we watch tv.

the doctor recommends 1 hour a day.

addy may or may not be screwed.

i read about lots of mommies (and daddies) who don’t want the tv to “babysit their kids”.  which means they don’t want to put on SpongeBob Squarepants and plop the kid in front of the tv while they do other things like wash dishes, or do laundry, or eat a meal, or sit next to the kid and watch SpongeBob (i assume SpongeBob is still cool?? i have yet to learn anything about children’s programming after 1998 when Animainacs ended it’s glorious run).

this is also the reason why when i went to get Addy a rattle, standard issue comes with three different textures, color patterns, and a mirror.  and also why you’ll be hard-pressed to find a baby walker. and why my phone takes pictures and my camera connects to the computer and my computer can turn on my tv and my tv could get on the internet.

but i digress. back to the tv thing.

what exactly am i supposed to do with a 10 week old? i read to her.  i have regular conversations with her.  i sing songs to her.  i smile at her.  we practice reaching with the iRattle thing.  i tickle her feet and she’s learning how to kick things.  all of that takes 30 minutes.  and then she loses interest and we watch some tv and start over.

my kid will know how to play outside.  she’ll know how to read way above her grade level.  she’ll learn how to swim.  she’ll be able to hold a conversation with all types of people.  she will know the Beatles and Outkast and DJScrew and whatever new music they come out with that is on par with New Kids on the Block for me and Justin Bieber for the tweens of today.

and she will also know what happened on the latest episode of SpongeBob (or SpongeBob equivalent).

end vent.

in other news, i had a great Inaugural Mother’s Day.  my parents came to watch Addy and me and Brownlee went to see Thor in 3D. awesome. then we bought Addy a few new outfits from Carter’s and i got a delicious iced chai and we came home and bummed it up for a while. that’s awesome! i didn’t want some grand production because i’m not a grand production kind of girl but i got to do some stuff i wanted to do and i got to use my Amazon gift card (read: Kindle eBook download extravaganza*) and Starbucks gift card and have some good family time.

we also went through addy’s closet and managed to clear some of her smaller newborn items out of the way.  brownlee can attest to the fact that baby clothes sizes are as arbitrarily assigned as women’s clothing. so some are snug and some are wide and some would fit if we put her back into newborn diapers but that would require me to go buy more newborn diapers and why would i do that when we have Y2K amounts of size 1 diapers in the closet?

so i will be boxing up some of her things.  some for donating to the next person blessed with a little girl (or boy, we did buy lots of neutral items) and some for safe keeping for sentimental reasons like when i have a 13 year old being a jerk and i have to remember i once had a sweet sweet addy boo.

and speaking of sweet sweet addy boo, she had a doctor’s appointment today. she had to get more vaccines so i was totally fine with missing this one. she’s 23.25 inches long(70th percentile) and 9.7 lbs (9th percentile – if that means anything to anyone) so she’s long and skinny but everything is looking a-ok from the doctors perspective.

*only bought Bossypants cause i get gun shy and pre-buyers remorse