Dear Mommy,

This is my first Mother’s Day with you!  I wish I was able to hug you to show you how much I love you!

You mean everything to me now!  I know that I am a daddy’s little girl but if you want to know a secret… personally I think I like you better.   You make me feel so much better when I am feeling down or when I’m sleepy.   I love going to sleep right in your arms after you have fed me!   You are the only one who can get me to go to sleep… daddy just isn’t as good at it as you are!

I’m sorry for all the troubles I have caused you…the few sleepless nights.   I know sometimes I can be a lot to handle and that it is tough on you.    I promise to make it up to you someday.  I hope that my gift (that I had to have Daddy buy) brightens your day on your inaugural Mother’s Day.

I love you!
Addy Boo