i like UFC fights.  and there was a big one happening on Saturday Apr 30 so i told brownlee we needed to enlist my parents as babysitters and go to a bar and watch the fight.  GENIUS idea! of course mommy would watch Addy.  but she’s like “we’ll come get her early in the morning and yall can have the whole day to yourselves!”. oh you done messed up now!

we had a week to come up with things to encompass a whole saturday worth of no diaper changes or bottle feedings or spit up on shirts.  i wanted to go to the movies, eat out somewhere, go to the UFC fight.  brownlee wanted to go to the movies, go to the astros game, and smoke hookah.  i think we instantly mentally jammed packed the day with more things than we’ve ever done with an entire week.

saturday morning came and sure enough my parents were here right at 10am to get addy.  i had a bag packed with some wipers, a few change of clothes, burp cloths, and blankets.  of course the parentals had already been to target for diapers, formula, and bottles.  i showed them how to work the gear, we loaded addy up and off she went.

and then me and brownlee just sorta looked at each other like “um so what are we supposed to do?” we opted out of the movies because it was past our 12pm cheapo movie going time and then nothing was anything we just had to see now since we’re so far behind.

we went to Red Robin for burgers.  came back home and smoked hookah  but we only did that for about 30 minutes before we were pretty dizzy.  watched about an hour of Ninja Warrior. and then it was time to go to the game.  9 innings and a great Astros win later we were more than ready to go get addison.

i didn’t have bad addy withdrawals, in fact i only checked in once before the game, but we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  in reality, addy could have come with us to Red Robin and even the Astros game we just haven’t ventured too far out into the world at this point.  and the whole time we were at the game we talked about how soon we could bring addy out and if she would be the kind of kid to run down to try to catch a foul ball (we agreed that she would).

frankly no matter how we try to shake it now, we’re parents.  we change diapers.  we get spit up on.  we sing cwazy songs.  we make silly faces.  we get our fair share of partying with friends whenever needed, but we’re parents.

but we’ll see how i feel about it six months from now when i’m calling everyone i know to see if they’ll watch a crawling baby for a few hours just so i can get some fresh air.