No I’m not referring to the Usher song, I’m talking about being a so-called stay-at-home dad.  I know you’ve all been waiting to hear about how it’s going since Bre’s been back at work.  I figure since it’s Friday and Bre has been back at “work” for a week now I’ll update you guys.

For the most part we, Addy and I, just sit around waiting for Bre to get home….reason being is that her awesome boss gave her half-days for the week.   Monday, we went to Wells Fargo to open her a savings account, but we haven’t been out much since then due to the fact that gallon of gas is now the same price as a box of formula!  So this week has been mainly a practice run for sleeping habits, considering that Bre needs to get her rest to function decently at work all day.  So far so good in my eyes, however I’ve been slightly under the weather and trying desperately not to get Addy sick.  I’ve been constantly sippin on some sizzurp to get well soon and I’m feeling about 90% at the moment, so it’s working.

Let me explain what being a stay home dad means to the rest of you guys….it means that whomever is in need of Addy Time can get it without worrying if daddy is jealous.  I get all the time I need plus some and I’m still not complaining.  It’s pretty simple with a 2-month old because there isn’t any playdates to organize, no school to get ready for, nothing to prepare except bottles and change diapers, both of which I’m a self-proclaimed professional at completing.

People have been asking how Addy is doing and I think she’s the perfect little baby.  She only fusses when she’s hungry, just like her daddy and when she’s sleepy, which is not one of my traits.  No fussing when she has a diaper full of that funky stuff, no random fussing for no reason at all.  I’ve been enjoying the time with her because it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something.  You know how some dads that are actually in their kid’s life feel left out due to the special bond that a mom and kid share?  I think me and Addy have a silly daddy time bond.  All we really do is eat, sleep and watch ESPN.  Like right now, she’s sleep (with SportsCenter playing in the background), which is surprising considering she slept like 7 straight hours last night…..I assumed Bre woke up and fed her, but nope, she was knocked out.  Of course she woke up starving so Bre gave her 3 ounces, then I gave her 2 more about an hour later and then she caught that itis.

Overall its enjoyable so far and I really hope I can sustain an income to be home with Addy for a while, at least so I can be the cool playdate daddy in the park.  Sorry I couldn’t make it sound more amazing than it really is, so far it’s just like sitting at home all day, except I can’t just up and leave when I want….I have to plan my trips now-a-days.  I’m going to keep this blog short and simple before Addy wakes up and wants to add her own spin on it.

Thanks for tuning in……