it’s the 28th!  picture uploaded on the Addison Progression Pics page.

so now that i’ve been at this parenting thing for 2 months, i’m basically terrific at it.  well not terrific but i don’t suck.  addy is doing great and is on par with what the internet says a baby should be doing so basically she’s still as textbook as before.

right now her favorite thing is hands.  well trying to figure out how to work them anyway.

the Good Book and all my web newsletters say that around 2 months is when babies will smile back and try to work their hands.  she’s got a good kung-fu grip if you stick your finger in her hand. but she’s also actually trying to work them.  before there were just random movements and jerks and flailing about.  but now if i shake the rattle in her face she swats at it either in an effort to play or just to get me to stop shaking it.  either one wouldn’t surprise me.  i also like to spread my fingers out in front of her and show her how they work.  it’s very Edward Scissorhands.

the smiling is very frequent now.  she really likes to smile at you when you change her diaper.  but if you laugh or make a silly noise or something you’re about 72% likely to get a smile.  we’re not quite to giggles yet but i bet they’re coming.

and this week she’s become very fascinated with watching us talk.  i’m sure

eating TMite

she’s trying to figure out how to get her mouth to do what our mouths are doing (besides sticking out her tongue. she’s great at that).  they also say that babies use their mouths to discover things which i suppose is why she’s trying to eat everyone all the time. or shove her fists into her mouth.  but if i take her hand and nibble on it myself, i can see her little mind being blown by the combination of new things.

eating herself

she’s actually starting to fill out her newborn clothes now. they aren’t tight, they just fit.  i haven’t bothered to put her back on the scale and figure out her approximate weight but she still feels light to me.  we’re feeding her enough though because she’s up to a solid 3oz a feeding.  doctors appoint is in a couple weeks for more shots and all that jazz. i’ll let brownlee handle that.

i think he’s doing great as a stay at home dad. i’m sure a blog will be coming eventually.  i make a point not to watch how he does anything because we both need to have our own way to work things out and addy needs to learn things aint always the same.

the whole work thing is still going good.  addy’s only waking up around 2 or 3 in morning for a bottle and then quickly back to sleep.  i think.  i tried to wake up and help but last night i was knocked out and didn’t do anything but mumble something to brownlee.

here’s a few things that i’ve learned so far:

  • babies, even little girl ones, burp and fart like a grown ass man
  • formula should be sold in drums instead of those little cutsie canisters
  • addy loves Jack Skellington and i didn’t even have to influence her.  she stares at the black and white Nightmare Before Christmas throw on the couch all the time.  (bonus points for 2 tim burton references in one blog)
  • babies throw up exactly when you expect it and are totally unprepared
  • babies r us employees generally suck
  • not matter how much i thought i would hate it, i refer to myself in the 3rd person and use baby talk. but i only say words like “cwap” and “cwazy”.  ex. “Daddy’s cwazy and full of cwap”.