i’ve heard before that babies are some sort of link between us and the angels.  i suppose because they’re a bit in both worlds.  and we probably would have more of a connection if we just paid a little more attention, but i digress.  i started with that because of my theory with Addison’s fascination with the corner of our living room.

we spend  a lot of time in the living room.  watching tv mostly.  i’m not sure if addy can see that far but she does pay attention to the bright lights while me and brownlee talk back to whatever show we’re watching.  but once she gets bored with that (she seems to get bored with things quickly), she turns and looks in the back corner.  far longer than she looks at anything else.  if i reposition her head and try to get her to look at me, she’ll keep her head facing me but her eyes are in the corner.  she’ll giggle and laugh and at first i was frustrated because i thought she was being ridiculous until i realized that we put Daddy Brownlee’s memorabilia in that corner on the bookshelf.  some pictures, bullets and the flag from the funeral, a few other items.  daddy brownlee is probably over my shoulder cracking jokes at Addy and she has no choice but to laugh. i don’t blame her.

in other news, this is my last week at home.  i had a grocery list (“laundry list” doesn’t make sense to me) of things i wanted to do. organize closets, deep clean bathrooms, get the carpets steamed.  but what have i done? watch a lot of tv and be silly with addy.  this morning i was feeling kind of bad because i know i need to be getting back to waking up at 6ish instead of 10ish but i also remembered my kid will only be 7weeks old this week and that’s all there will be of it and i can clean the toilets whenever (ok i’ll still clean them but you get the point). this is me trying to live in the now.  she’s been cooing and laughing and giving real smiles and i keep having to stop myself from wanting her to talk and play with the toys i wag in her face but then i remember that all we have is this week of her being 6 or 7 or 8 week old etc so i need to enjoy them now and the other stuff will come on its own time.

also i’ve been a bad mommy.  for 9 months i blasted music all around me at all times.  and the past month and some change that addy has been here we’ve barely listened to any.  the other night she was screaming her tiny head off and i started to make up some addy song and she got quiet.  then it hit me. that’s why she’s so quiet in the car! because she got her Spoon and Nikka Costa fix! dur.  like right now as i type this blog she is knocked out on the couch because i’m playing Baduizm.  she doesn’t even care that i can’t carry a tune. i’m the best singer she ever heard. brownlee might be 2nd best.


lastly, i’ve added a new tab to the blog.  there’s a button up top for “Addison’s Monthly Pics”. just like i did the progression pics from my pregnancy i’ll put addy’s monthly pics on there. so check back the 28th of every month for the new one (well more like the 29th when i upload it).

oh and here’s addy with her Build A Bear.

Addy & Addy Boo