there are some things that i deem “granola” or “hippie dippy” that i am (not-so) secretly into.  Burt’s Bees products, Whole Foods, reusable bags, etc.  although i don’t subscribe to that entire lifestyle, i like to borrow things from them as i see fit.  just look at how many Burt’s Bees mango lip balms i’ve purchased in the past 6 months (5 tubes).

we used to joke way back when that ariel would have to get me a Baby Bjorn carrier simply because she despised them so bad. plus some people call it “baby wearing”. i mean come on! this is one of those baby slings that are not unlike a kangaroo pouch that lets you shop for your Burt’s Bee’s at Whole Foods with your reusable shopping bags.  not that i would do that, cause Baby Bjorn products are outrageously priced.

BUT i will be doing so sporting a Moby Wrap.  a whosa what?! A Moby Wrap i said.

the part of Addison is being played by a pink Teddy Bear

it’s basically a giant piece of fabric that you wrap around your body and stick your baby in. i registered for it for the baby shower thinking that i would use it all the time to take the kiddo on the walks with Scooter.  Cassandra was awesome enough to buy it for me (Thanks again!!!) but i’ve been too chicken to try it.  i mean it’s a giant piece of fabric that i’m supposed to stick my baby in! i’ve even read of some hippie dippies using it for hands-free breastfeeding on the spot.  i just want to walk the dog.  so after a very warm and slow walk with scooter, and some tips from girls on The Bump, i decided to try it out tonight.  S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!!

i know some people (see: Naynee) think they are ridiculous, but it would make house cleaning, quick trips to the store, and even Scooter walking easy peasy with Addy in tow.

now i just have to actually put the baby in there..