olo! (in my Megamind voice)

we’re almost to 6 weeks around here and things are sailing along.  i would like to say “smoothly” but it’s more like a “not-so-roughly”.  addy’s sleeping longer and a little better on her own.  she’s also awake more during the day which leaves all of us confused as to what to do with her.  the good book (What To Expect The First Year) says that we’re supposed to engage her in conversation and leave pauses for her to answer. not that she actually will, but to practice talking to people.  i’m too scared that she will answer.

not looking

the other day i tried to interact with her and she just wanted to watch Maury.  i have started a running commentary on things that i’m doing though.  i tell her how silly the people on Judge Joe Brown are and how the criminals are going to get caught on First 48 and so on.  i tell her that she’s getting her diaper changed and how bad it stinks.  and we walk around the house and i describe to her what’s what on the walls etc.

i’m not longer almost in tears when she starts crying.  it really is mostly from hunger or sleepiness.  we’ve switched mostly to formula now and she hasn’t had a problem going back and forth between bottle and breast.  i was a little worried because i’ve read about nipple confusion but she’s been on a pacifier since day 2. the only real difference is the poop.  ooooh wee.  she had been pooing after every diaper change.  reasonable poops.  but now its about once a day and it clears the room.  i’m sure when addison is 12 she’ll be so embarrassed to know that i discussed her poop several times on the internet but i’m the mom and they probably won’t even have the internet when she’s 12.  everything i’ve come across says that’s totally normal we were just shocked at how soon it changed. my eyes are burning just typing about it.

i am becoming more comfortable being a mom.  i mean i’m typing this right now while she’s laying on me sleeping.  whatever decisions i make as a parent i’m good about sticking with them.  no don’t give my kid anymore food. yes i’m going to take her out.  i’m the boss.  ive been making sure that i can do everything on my own.  i know i’m super lucky to have such a helpful partner on hand, but i do want to be able to know i can do.  so me and addy took our first solo trip to pearland to hang out with family the other day.  i loaded up her in the back of Coop and we blasted Adele on down the beltway (ok not “blasted” but listened to at a moderate volume). it felt good to get out even for a few minutes without any catastrophes.  we’ll be hitting up the village pretty soon!!!!

physically i’m doing a lot better.  i need to remind myself to drink more water and take my vitamins.  i don’t know if its hormonal or what but i have a diminished appetite.  i can’t remember how much i used to eat! brownlee said that he was going to start writing down when i eat on the same tablet where we chart addy’s eating and pooping times.

i’d love to go buy some more clothes.  i can fit back into stuff and i’m more comfortable than i was a couple weeks ago to wear my more snug fitting tshirts, but i’d still like to go buy some new ones cause these are sooo 2010 lol.  me and addy will hit up american eagle soon.

i have no idea what miss manners says about birth announcements but we had been debating getting them done and now she’s almost 6 weeks so it seems sort of pointless.  i might just go take her to get some pictures done because she looks totally different from the fancy pants pictures we took at the hospital.  i’m on the new mom mailing list so once a week we get bombarded with ads from photo places in the mall, diaper sales, and formula coupons.  brownlee just rolls his eyes because i want ALL of the stuff we get ads for.  and don’t get me started on the cutesy dresses they sell in Baby Gap.

yes that’s right.  i got excited about cutesy dresses.  i’m a mom now!