it’s about 630p.  today addison has had 2 baths and an additional wipe down.

normally we bathe her every other day. that’s just regular recommended baby maintenance.  today was scheduled bath day.  so we filled up the sink, wiped her down and selected something to be todays outfit.

then i fed her, laid her down and went about my regular daily tv watching.  she was laying on a palette on the couch and started crying.  i pick her up and her whole front it wet and the blanket is yellow.

baby pee is basically clear.  baby poo on the other hand is like…well its basically lemony yellow to greenish yellow to moss green (96 crayola count box comes in handy for descriptive words).  it was either a badly applied diaper, or another exploding episode (remember this??).  whatever physics were involved lead to a leak.

so we un-diapered her and put her back in the sink.  quick wipe down. fine.  that didn’t stop the crying though.  brownlee likes to try and talk things out with the baby but she doesn’t always respond.  it’s stuff like “hey, hey, what’s going on here? tell daddy whats going on”. or “little baby. what’s the deal? use your words”.  i figured she was gassy so i picked her up to pat her. subsequently she and i ended up covered in puke.  normally spit up is a little bit here or there that can be cleaned up with a cloth diaper.  this was not little or a bit.

off with the onesie and we just gave her a good wipe down up top (the diaper wasn’t even dirty so we figured why waste one with yet another bath.  Pampers have this awesome yellow line that goes down the diaper.  when it turns blue it’s wet! old schoolers were amazed at this new diaper technology) and i just told brownlee “how bout we just leave her in the towel”.

baby towels are awesome.  they have a hood on them and are at least the size of 2 regular babies or one fat ass baby.

kitty hooded towel

but just in case there was more…anything…left in her little body i wasn’t ready to clean up again. i hate the impracticality of these adorable little baby clothes because they keep getting dirty and she hasn’t been anywhere to show them off.  so what i bought 2 more ruffly rompers today. they just get dirty and although it was cute in the beginning, i have done a lot of baby laundry.  it isn’t horrible but i can’t stand that spit up smell so lots of things go right in the wash.  ironically i’m still in my puked on shirt. and bibs are a good idea…for adults eating lobster or crab legs.  babies don’t get the full benefit.  i’m greatly going to increase the amount of diaper time this baby gets.

of course she was hungry and we had to give her 2oz of formula. i figured the issue was the medium mocha frappe i had with lunch.  it was probably too much of the lactose.