addison is one month today.  it’s crazy how fast and yet how slowly it’s going.

things have mellowed out some.  well at least in the past few days at least.  addy hasn’t been screaming loudly at three in the morning.  i’ve figured that her issue wasn’t so much with fighting sleep as it was wanting a midnight snack.  i haven’t been starving the kid, just that if we give her an extra ounce around 11ish she sleeps like a champ.

i still haven’t gotten her in her pack n play for the night yet.  there’s this whole campaign about Back is Best and that’s how the babies are supposed to sleep.  ok fine, but what about the kids that sleep better on their stomach? addy is one of them.  when she’s napping on the couch i put her on her tummy and she puts her butt in the air the way little kids do, and she sleeps.  but when i put her in the pack n play she doesn’t know what to do with her arms and jerks herself awake.  but she won’t stay swaddled.  yet another vicious cycle.

she has a doctor’s appointment wednesday and i’ll ask him what the merit is behind this campaign and if it will just change in a few year anyway…just like they just changed the rule about the carseats facing backwards until kids are 2 years old.  whatever.  she’s been eating a lot more so i’m sure she’s put on some weight. other than that i don’t really have any baby questions or concerns.

as far as me, myself, personally <pats chest so you know i’m referring to me> i’m doing ok.  getting some sleep.  got my eyebrows done, so i feel like a person.  today i actually have on real clothes lol (cause my yoga pants and sweats were dirty).  saturday mommy watched addison so me and brownlee could actually go out together.  we went to boudreauxs.  i had a hurricane.  halfway through it felt like i was on my 3rd one, but it was delish!  and sunday morning we went to see a movie. FINALLY! things are starting to get back to normal.

i haven’t been pressing the “we need to get into a routine” thing anymore.  it’s not like i’m about to go back to work next week or anything.  besides, she’s only 4 weeks old, and we’ve only been parents 4 weeks so i figure there is a learning curve and no need to have high expectations so far.  we’re all happy and full and rested…of sorts.

physically i’m back to right around my pre-pregnancy weight.  i still have a giggly stomach so i haven’t bothered to try on my regular tshirts or buy any new ones.  tomorrow i go back to the OBGYN for my own checkup and she’ll clear me to do anything more physical than walking.  then at least i can attempt to do some ab work.  and then i need to get some sort of birth control.  there’s tons of options but i just want the pill back because breastfeeding alters your period for some reason and although some people swear that’s natures birth control, i think they are nature’s idiots.   but my only concern is that the regular pill may or may not have some interference with breastfeeding.

and speaking of, i’m soooo over breastfeeding.  i know its best for baby and everything and honestly at 3am its easier to unhook a tank top than it is to get out of bed and make a bottle, but still.  the pumping and the feeding and the uncomfortableness of it all is getting to be too much.  i haven’t decided to quit just yet but i am becoming fond of measuring and dumping formula into a bottle.  yes i know it costs more and yes theres lots of cleanup with bottles and what not.  and the other morning i was knocked out and addy got a bottle instead and i got an extra 3 hours sleep! is that selfish? probably. but i’m ok with that.

all in all everything is settling into place.