addison had her 2 week check up today.  she had to get the heel prick to get more blood drawn for the newborn screenings.  i was all prepared to walk out of the room in case i couldn’t stand her screaming, but she surprised all of us (me, brownlee, and the nurse) and just whimpered, then looked around a lot. she actually cried more when i had to change her diaper afterwards.

the doctor checked all her vitals and unsurprisingly everything is a-ok.  he did say that she hadn’t gained any weight so he wants us to supplement the breastfeeding with a bottle or two of formula a day.

i wasn’t sure if or when i’d do anything with formula but now that we have to i dont feel one way or the other about it.  i know that everything says breastfeeding is best, and its not an easy thing to do but it’s not that difficult either.  i’ve really been trying to keep her on a 3-hour feeding schedule.  but sometimes she’s sleeping.  and sometimes i’m sleeping.  and this way if i am knocked out, brownlee can always mix up a bottle and feed it to her.

some time last week my left boob was hurting so i didn’t do any feeding from it and since then it’s just felt a little more empty, than the right.  so i need to continue to pump while she gets her bottle feeding to make sure i don’t just totally dry up. right now i’m just pretty uneven lol.

i think because my mentality was that i’d give it a go and see how it worked is why i feel ok instead of being totally i’m going to breastfeed for X amount of months.  everything i read said to make small goals and then go from there.  plus in the end i want to do what’s best for addy anyway and if this is the way to get her to gain weight then ok.  i just also hope that i don’t use this as a way out of breastfeeding all together.  not yet anyway.

so me and brownlee went to target to try and figure out what formula we wanted to get.  there’s powder, concentrated, and straight drink this formula.  and then gerber, similac, enfamil, generic target brand.  then i had coupons, and rebates.  then there’s gentle ones for upset tummies, advanced formula with tons of vitamins, soy formula for babies that got the lactose (i feel some sort of way about soy) ,newborn formula, infant, toddler, etc.  there’s even special water for formula.  we read through 8 different kind just about and tried to see if there were any significant differences.  enfamil makes this one kind that’s supposed to help your baby sleep through the night by “expanding gently in baby’s stomach overnight to help them stay full”.  to quote brownlee “YAK”.

finally we just went with a jar of gerber good start formula.  of course they claim to be closest to breastmilk.  it was $19.99.  not bad since i had gift cards.  and a rebate check for $15.95.  but then we hit the corner and saw a bigger jar of the same formula for $17.84.  what WHAT?! we had to double check everything to see why it was on clearance but it all checked out and i had an awesome coupon win.  i know they send out the rebate checks and awesome coupons to get you hooked on formula, but i mean $2 for a giant tub? i really can’t be mad at that for supplemental feedings.

as for me, i’m still not 100% yet.  i can move around but i still can’t sit in the same spot for long periods of time and i’m still a little slow getting up and sitting down.  what’s crazy is that now i can take advil again but i couldn’t when i was pregnant.  which is great cause tylenol SUCKS.  i ran out of the 800mg ibuprofen they prescribed me so i just tried my regular stuff and it worked ok.

brownlee fixed up the snap-n-go stroller for me and i took addy down the street for a test drive.  she didn’t really care too much to check out the scenery.  but today at the doctor’s office we asked if we could take her out and about and he was like “eh i’d avoid it if possible because if she gets sick from people germs at the mall and gets a fever then you have to take her to the ER.” so now we’re probably stuck in the house again for a couple more weeks.  then i tried 5 different ways to shove it in my car to see if it would fit.  let’s just say me and addy will meet anyone anywhere we gotta go lol.

i think we’re starting to get the hang of things.  addy isn’t up at 230am screaming her head off.  brownlee’s on the first shift for things, meaning he goes to sleep earlier and wakes up about 7ish for the day.  im on the 2nd shift.  i’ve actually managed to fill in most of the baby books and clean up some of the paperwork from the hospital and doctors visits (although i have yet to turn on my work computer to set my out of office).  mommy is great for filling in when needed and taking care of other things around the house.

scooter still doesn’t give two sniff’s about addison being in the house.