happy birthday tmite!

addison is a week old today. last night i was like “wow, this time last week i was having contractions” and this morning i told brownlee “this time last week we were in the hospital”. etc etc

this first week has been a blur. i remember the details and being in the hospital and changing some diapers and doing some breastfeeding. and on one hand its seems like its been forever, and then on the other hand it just happened.

i’m not really feeling exactly like a mommy yet.  i mean i get up and check on addy and make sure she has everything she need.  but it’s not like i’ve gotten to where i can hear her and be like “that’s a poopie diaper cry” or “she needs to eat now” sort of thing.  i don’t expect to be there for a while but im guessing that’s when i’d really start to feel like a mom and not just a caregiver.

it’s not exactly horrible.  we get some sleep.  we do get to eat.  mommy being here is the greatest help ever. she makes breakfast!!! we’re all sort of on shifts and it’s working…for now.

i’m suuuuper glad that we were able to borrow the baby swing.  that thing is magical.  it’s the best when you have to go pee or just give your arms a break. 6 pounds of baby gets hella heavy after 30 minutes of bouncing.  we whipped out the little vibrating chair thing tonight and that’s working good as well.  hooray for D batteries.

breastfeeding is going a little better than i thought.  a little.  sometimes its frustrating cause addy is a wiggler and she’ll be ready to eat NOW when i need to do some adjusting, or if she eats and eats and then throws it up.  and i have to keep a little notebook of feedings and diaper changes. there’s plenty iphone apps for breastfeeding logs, but no blackberry ones, but i think the pen and paper is better because brownlee can jot diaper changes down too.  soon i want to do some pumping so somebody else can feed but i think right now would get a good bottles worth.  it’s too hard to know exactly how much she’s eating.  so i wouldn’t know how much would be good to have on hand etc.  plus i’ve learned that although i can eat a little more freely than i could while pregnant i still have to watch the spicy or the stuff that will make you gassy.

physically i feel ok. i have to remember that i’m still in recovery and can’t really do too much cleaning up or moving around.  i’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than the baby. :S.  and i’ve only escaped once to go target and that was under mommy’s supervision since i can’t drive for 2 weeks.  every so often i start to get feverish and tired, but the 800mg ibuprofen they sent me home with really helps.  i have to remember to take it before the symptoms hit. this morning my weight was 149.5.  i haven’t worn much more than cozy pants and nursing tanks so i don’t really know how my clothes fit.  i don’t have a goal for when i want to be down to my pre pregnancy weight of 140, but after addy’s 2 week check-up next week i’ll ask the doctor if she’s ok’d to be out of the house. so i can strap her on and i can do some walking.  if not then she can sit tight with brownlee while i go do some walking.  either way some walking will get done.

but i am glad that we’ve made it to  a week.  i know it will be like overnight she’s going to be crawling then walking and talking and raising hell, so i’m really trying to focus on this itty bitty baby phase right now.  i like to watch her involuntary facial movements or staring and discovering new things.

how could you be upset with a face like this: