So I know I need to do a blog about being dad, but that my friends will just HAVE to wait until later.  Don’t worry fans, I’ll definitely get it down, you all KNOW I’m a man of my word!

I’m guessing by the title that you guys may know what this blog is about, but just in case let me sum this up.  Today, Addison had a doctor’s appointment, where she checked out perfectly normal.

So she’s been chillin since she got home, she loves swinging in her swing.  I saw her spitting up, so I decided to be proactive and pick her up, clean her face and change her diaper….because once I smelled it, I figured it was in need of a change.   I’m all “Relax Bre, I got it” but sometimes, keeping it real goes VERY wrong!  So I put her on the changing table because I’m getting better at changing diapers everyday.  I go to open this diaper my friends and I immediately call for Bre who was on the phone just chatting it up.  Of course she took her sweet time, but when I tell you that I could see the contents of the diaper on the FRONT of my baby I panicked.  I’ve changed a few diapers, but none like this….none this fluid, none this dark, and NONE with this smell!!  Bre walks in on my standing there with her legs in one hand and a single baby wipe in the other… this point I KNEW that a single baby wipe wasn’t going to do a damn thing with the task that I had in front of me.  After some frantic running around we decided that her squirming would get the liquid crude oil that she put outta her butt all over her.  So we wrapped her in a giant pee pad thing and even though we’re not supposed to give her a bath in the water until her cord falls off (just sponge baths until that happens) we get the idea to fill up the sink, one person hold and the other person cleans.  Bre fills the bathroom sink, I hold baby Addy (who enjoyed her bottom half in the warm water) and we get the job done.  I was traumatized to the point that I needed to walk away after we got her cleaned.  We had a nice little laugh over it after I got me something to drink and calmed down.  So ladies and gents, diapers do explode!  I’m SOOOOO happy that we didn’t get crappy (as in low-quality) diapers because I don’t know what I would’ve done if that would’ve dripped anywhere in this house!  I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were here alone when it happened either….EWWWW!  What if I were out somewhere with her and she put on a show like that?  OMG!!

OMG, I felt the need to clean all her lil cracks and creases and now she’s back resting in her swing….nice and clean.


Thanks for tuning in.


Addy’s Daddy