i got the pictures from the work shower from a coworker.  so if you want to see them then check them out here.

also i updated the progression pictures page so go check that out too.

my ticker is in the low teens.  less than 2 weeks to go.  i told brownlee that i hope to have the baby on a weekend just cause it seems lame to be born during the week. so he googled it and i was born on a saturday night and he was born on a thursday so he declared my statement false.

as far as regular life, i’m pretty much bored. i’ve been telling myself that i need to live in the moment instead of wishing for the baby to be here cause everyone says you’ll miss being pregnant. cause you’ll miss the kicks and what not.  right now i can’t see why you’d ever be pregnant more than once, and i’m sure they mean how nice strangers are to you.  people love pregnant women.

i’m pretty much over being pregnant.  yesterday i had to wear brownlee’s shirt to work.  i’m only keeping a few shirts in rotation.  i didn’t have to start wearing maternity clothes until it got cool and now its starting to warm up and i’m almost out of them which is great because i wasn’t going to invest in a round a springy maternity clothes.  i probably would have just overheated and gone through another passing out phase.  i’ve already taken to wearing chucks to work with my work pants because they’re comfortable and i’m not going through the ordeal of putting on socks more than once a day.if i manage to make it to work next week i might be in cozy pants.

people keep asking me why i’m still at work.  i’m half ass paying attention but its too boring at home to stay in.  i went to target the other day and couldn’t even find anything to buy for the baby! exactly.  i was shocked too.  i bought some postpartum items which was not fun at all but i made up for that with some fancy new Revlon eyeshadow.  i needed something for myself even if i just plan to wear it around the house.  (but i already tried it out twice and loved it).

i’ve developed a craving for seafood.  the other week i really wanted some red lobster, and not just for the cheddar biscuits! queue the gasp! today i really wanted a salmon ceasar salad. after the doctor’s appointment last week i had some fried shrimp and thought that would be the end of it but i guess i need something in whatever is in seafood.

i have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  i haven’t made up my mind if i want there to be more progress as far as dilation or what, so we’ll just see what the kid is up to and let nature take its course…for now.  so if anything is goings on then i’ll make a post tomorrow or something.

also i’m so pregnant i day dream about what kind of juice i’m gonna drink when i get home.  currently the best thing on earth is OceanSpray CranApple.  i can’t get enough of it.