so what i did a blog yesterday and brownlee did a blog today. i’m blogging again.

i had my weekly doctors visit today.  AGAIN my blood pressure was high when i went in there.  was it the quiznos and half and half lipton (sidebar: lipton makes a half tea half lemonade in a bottle and it is delicious)? i dont know. so the nurse had my lay down and chill some and they would take my blood pressure again later. fine.

doctor comes in and asks how we’re doing, any updates for the week.  and i’m like “yeah well saturday we were out and i felt a few PMS-like cramps. i’ve had them off and on through the week. totally random ones.” doc’s all “oh yeah those are contractions”. huh?

then she’s like “ok lets do the exam”. well LAST week she’s all “ooh the baby’s high up there” and today she’s like “you’re about a centimeter dilated and the baby’s pretty low.” who asked you? just say the same stuff you said last week! but she didn’t say anything about the baby can come at any time.  and i know that being 1cm dilated isn’t a big deal because you can walk around like that for weeks.  especially with the contractions being barely noticeable.  it’s just still…really? brownlee said he could see my face change when she said “dilated”.

so after the appointment me and gabby went to old navy to get some yoga pants for me to wear home from the hospital so that’s another item that can be packed.  i also got some “cozy pants” (pj’s) and a super long tank top.  basically i bought my outfit for the next three months.  brownlee won’t let me go to the store in sweats (a directive from me months ago) but i didn’t say anything about yoga or cozy pants! ha!

the doctor did leave us with some words of advice though “you know the three things that bring on a baby; walking, sex, and mexican food”.  see: blog title

OH and before i forget, remember when i said i bought iron on transfer paper! i totally Sandra Lee’d these onesies