just got back from the 36 week appointment. nothing out of the ordinary.  my blood pressure was a little higher than normal but they weren’t too concerned.  i’m guessing its because it was an afternoon appointment than first thing in the morning PLUS brownlee was in there running his mouth and getting me agitated much like he is right exactly at this moment. but he did download a contraction timer app for his iPhone and managed to put the doctors information in his phone…after only 9 months, so at least he was productive during the visit.

MonkeyPie’s heartbeat is at 129/130.  i read that they bigger they get, the lower the heartbeat gets because they don’t really have anywhere to go.  i asked the doctor what it means since the kid was estimated at 5.25lbs then what does that mean a month from now.  she said at the most we’re looking at 7.5lbs and that’s just based off the estimate and the max of half a pound a week.

she’s super confident that the baby’s not coming any time soon cause he’s still pretty far up there and i haven’t had any contractions or anything.  woo! i threw some toiletries in a bag but that’s as much as i’m doing for now. we even got this little card with all my pertinent medical info that we’re supposed to hand in when we get admitted to the hospital.  fingers crossed i remember to put it in my wallet and that my memory works when its time to retrieve it.

brownlee’s supposed to be putting together a call/email list because it will be his job to let everyone know the baby’s here and to come on down to the hospital.  we’re not letting anyone know much of anything until the kid is born and we’re ready for visitors, so once the message is out that the baby’s here, you’ll get the full deets.  what it is, the name, all that jazz and the door is open for visitors…assuming it’s visiting hours.

the work baby shower got pushed out a week which is fine by me since all i have to do is be there.  i’m feeling more confident now that we’ll make it to the hospital tour scheduled on the 26th.  i was watching One Born Every Minute (reality show on Lifetime in a maternity ward) and they have private rooms with DVD players and what not. i know our room will be private but a DVD player would be sweeeeet! i bet they have wifi too.  not like i plan on doing much during labor, but the doctor says that if all is well, we get 2 days in the hospital.  and baby can watch his first movie so that’ll take a while to pick which one we want to pack. ha! yeah right.  we’ll be so busy looking at the baby i’m sure i won’t even remember there’s a tv in there.

next appointment is of course scheduled for next week and i’m sure i’ll ask the doctor again if i’m gonna have the baby in march lol. i keep slipping and saying the due date is march 6th. so i wonder if that’s some sort of omen?? and no i still don’t have any feelings one way or the other what the sex is.  maybe i’ll do one last poll for everyone’s final guesses…