so now that i have about 5 pounds of baby leading the way i’ve noticed a distinct waddle in my walk.  not a severe pregnancy waddle, but more like ive got spurs that jingle jangle jingle. i know medically its because the baby is on a steady drop downward and whatever jenni had said about ligaments in hip joints and what not.  i even got an email about it today from What To Expect.  basically there’s nothing you can do about it but take a bath.  so now i’m back on those.  luckily i still have the Aveeno bubbly stuff.

i haven’t gotten to the point where i am ready to take on the home methods of “making the baby come”, because the idea of castor oil is disgusting to me (see: any Merry Melodies or Looney Tunes where a bad child had to take a spoonful of the gunk), and i eat spicy foods on the regular, and brownlee would probably beat me if i jumped off the couch.  i’m generally not in a rush for the baby, but i am in a state of constant discomfort.  last week the nurse was asking me if i was ready for the baby to come and i said no so she assumed i wasn’t miserable.  and i’m not its just like seriously, what gives.  me and the baby are fighting each other for high priced real estate that is short in supply. 

and also a new problem i’ve encountered is that i’m still really super extremely thirsty from the iron pills (i can only assume with all my medical knowledge and what not) so i’ve been chugging water and powerade (blue only) and juice.  but after two glasses my stomach is filled to capacity and i’ve barely quenched my thirst and if i drank apple juice then the baby is all hopped up and active then then we’re back to poking each other.

people at work have switched from asking me on a daily basis how i am to just saying “any day now huh” and i’m all “yeah sure” because yes i know that. or if i say “yeah bout 4 weeks left” then they go “ooh counting down! are you ready”. no. nobodys ready to have a baby.

but i just smile, or at the very least keep any thoughts to myself…and then post them on the internet. the ladies up here are throwing me a shower friday. yay! and i’ll put on a happy face and be nice cause it is just fun to sit back and be silly sometimes even though i know i’m in for some “i was in 20 hours of labor” or “i had a 9lb baby” stories.  that’s ok.  there should be cake.