the Bumpies have a name for when you get to this milestone. 35/35. which means i’m at the 35 week  mark with 35 days left to go.

i’ll give you a moment to freak out at how soon it will be. i’ve had a while to do so myself.

today’s appointment was a little different. first we had an ultrasound. they just check again to make sure everything is a-ok.  as usual monkey pie was right on target.  thankfully there’s a giant green sticky on my file that says “does not want to know gender” so i didnt have to worry about the tech spilling the beans. i couldn’t watch on the screen like i wanted cause i got super dizzy during the ultrasound.  i haven’t laid flat on my back since like week 22. pressure of the baby on my blood vessels makes me woozy and dizzy and what not, but fortunately the tech was totally used to it and let me roll on my left side and could keep going on with the ultrasounding.

of course we got some cutsie profile pictures.  this is my favorite.

anyway after the ultrasound i had to get an internal exam and a screening for Group B Strep. its some sort of infection that’s not harmful to adults but could be for babies and is easily avoidable with a baby shot. so i’m sure we’ll get the results of that back next week.  and the internal exam is just a simple check of the cervix to see if anything is dilated or things of that nature.  everything is closed up for now. good.

doctor confirmed that Monkey Pie is indeed doing good. when i got to work and read the weekly email from Baby Center, it said that the baby should be measuring at 5 1/4 lbs and 18 inches.  MP clocked in at 5lb 4oz.  if its been a while for you since high school math, a pound is 16 oz. making a 1/4 pound be 4oz.  HA! doc said it was 40th percentile so its a bit on the tinier side, but i mean i’d rather have a smaller baby than a giant one. and now i will rip the tags off all the newborn clothes i bought and wash them. hooray! (yes still excited about laundry)

i’ve been feeling pretty decent lately.  unfortunately my skin has taken a turn for the worse. ive had some zits pop up and my skin has been super dry and my lips have been incredibly dry and they look dark to me.  booo. but i’ve been keeping the burt’s bees handy.

my nerves have calmed tremendously.  now i’m mostly excited just to see the full face that goes with that ultrasound picture. the last major item we need to get immediately is a car seat.  and then the bases and the stroller attachment. but we won’t need those to leave the hospital.

the doctor said since we’re so close to the hospital i don’t have to head over until the contractions are about a minute long and happen every 5 minutes for an hour.  she basically said they’re like the worst menstural cramp you’ve ever had. and then i’m supposed to sit through that for an hour. hooray! (i need a sarcasm font). but i won’t bother with packing a hospital bag until closer to go time.  no need for me to add something else to trip over on the floor. and my pregnancy books have a nice list of suggested items to put on there. i’ll have a better idea of what we need after we go on the hospital tour. plus we’re 8 minutes away (yes its been timed) from the hospital so brownlee can always run home and get whatever was forgotten. plus i think we only get to stay 2 days anyway so there’s nothing i can’t do without (seeing as how my cell phone is always with me).

brownlee likes to laugh at my plan because i’m like “yeah i’ll sit at home for a bit and then we’ll go to the hospital in time for the epidural”.  i won’t tell him my water broke or the contractions are too bad until i make sure everything is good to go and i’ve showered and eaten and got into my sweats and tennis shoes,  because i know once i tell him he’ll be ready to go. he even plans to take the beltway to shave the trip down to a more manageable 4 minutes.

i’ll leave you with the other two ultrasound pics we got

(edited pictures for clarity of whats what)