today marks the 25th anniversary of the Challenger spaceship explosion.  this is one of those events where people tend to recall where they were when they saw it happened. my mom can recall watching JFK get shot.  i remember where i was when 2Pac died, the towers collapsed, America elected it’s first Black president.  things of that nature.

i was 3 when the Challenger expoloded. this was a time when TV stopped what it was doing for two things. 1-spaceship launches and 2-michael jackson.  the 80’s were awesome.  i can’t recall exactly every detail of the explosion, but i can tell you the aftermath.

we had a new visitor in our house.  Sally.  Sally had to come live with us because her parents died in said explosion.  Sally was horrible and got me into a lot of trouble.  she lived in my closet and was horrible at cleaning up after herself.  fortunately Sally and i learned that the quickest way to clean your room was to open the bedroom door and shove everything behind it. parents don’t let you close the door anyway so why would they look behind it?! also the worst storage place for a cereal bowl is under the bed. it makes your room smell horrible.

Sally was imaginary.

what the hell kind of kid has an imaginary friend at 3 years old with such an elaborate origin story? am i going to have to deal with this from my kid? probably. but at least i’ll be one step ahead and know first off to check behind the bedroom door for discarded toys.