last night we had our newborn care class.  it was taught by a pediatric nurse who spent the last 20 years dealing with babies and kids on a daily basis.  a french lady (who said bebe`) with the last name nguyen.  brownlee got a kick out of that.  we seemed to fit the profile for people in the class. couples in their mid 20’s-early 30’s with their first child and didn’t know squat about how to take care of a bebe, so nobody really had any dumb questions and i think most of us got something out of the class.  she took us through basic child care, how to bathe a bebe`, how to change diapers, how to swaddle (which we figured we would need the bebe` to be absolutely still for).  but i got more useful information like just put socks on their hands instead of mittens, and i can rent an industrial strength breast pump from the hospital for $60 a month instead of shelling out the $350 immediately for a single use one for myself.  she also taught us how to feed the bebe` if we’re going to give a breast fed bebe` a bottle and i was pretty proud of myself for buying Avent bottles since thats the best kind to go for! woo!

the 3 hours went by fairly quickly and it wasn’t so much that i think the class was absolutely necessary to take a bebe` home, but i did find a lot of solace just knowing that it was something i would be able to cover without totally freaking out.  the peace of mind was worth it. and i learned a lot about the hospital.  they send us home with a gang of stuff plus they make sure they you can change a diaper, bathe the bebe`, and breastfeed properly before they discharge you.  so i think we both are ok with not having to take any more classes and feeling ok with bringing home Bebe` Brownlee.

today marks week 34.  which gives us ~6 weeks left.  that’s just a grading period!!! so here’s how things are going; my hips hurt.  i don’t know what this is, but it’s really bad when i wake up in the morning. and it sucks because i obviously can’t lay on my stomach.  and i can’t lay on my back because i can’t breathe and limbs start to go numb. so i have no choice but to sleep on my side and i guess my hips sorta squish together.  i’m sure i should be walking more but ugh its winter time! so i’ll have to stretch or try yoga again or something because this is ridiculous.

also maternity clothes are stupid. they’ve gotten to the point where my stomach isn’t even really covered. i don’t have a mid-driff going on, but there is a definitive gap between the base of my stomach and my pants. i remember a time when the bottom of my polos would cover the zipper of my jeans.  8 months ago. i don’t understand why i have to walk around with the bottom of my belly exposed to the elements.  yeah i’m still wearing the BeBand and technically i could just pull the thing up to cover the bottom half of my stomach but i still can’t stand anything over my belly button.  so i’ll just have to be in these tent type shirts till my bebe` comes.

also i got this book How To Have Your Second Baby First on the Kindle.  it’s just a book of 100 tips that 2nd timers know and first parents wish they knew for their test kid.  stuff like “you dont have to sterlize EVERYTHING” and “its ok to let your baby cry while you take a shower”.  i’m sure there’s more gems in there but i’m only up to #41 right now.  it’s the same type of stuff like with the class, just knowing (and highlighting) these items give me a peace of mind that was worth the $9.99 it cost to download (which was cheaper than the $18.49 it was in Borders. yes i comparisoned shop).  i don’t plan to follow everything to a T or read so much contradicting information i have to resort to a book before i bathe my bebe`, i just want to be informed because it seems the more informed i am, the more comfortable i am making a decision.

oh! and brownlee had his diaper party sunday.  i assume the boys had fun, they really couldn’t wait for me to leave. but i did get to hear about how embarrassed they were to walk through the store holding giant packs of diapers.