today we had our 33 week appointment.  of course everything is on track.  measuring right at 33 weeks.  the nurse was a little worried at first cause the heartbeat was at 119, but she figured the baby was sleeping, so she put the doppler close to my stomach.  apparently the sound of their heartbeat wakes them up…until they figure out they already know that sound and go back to sleep.  sure enough it worked and Monkey Pie woke up with a heartrate of 143.  seems like me and brownlee got the same visual or an annoyed little Bre rolling their eyes and going back to sleep.

doctor explained that our next appointment is feb 1 and we get the ultrasround to measure the baby and then i have to start internal exams on a weekly basis until baby comes.  from what i know, the internal exams are just to measure dilation and if the baby is in the right position and all that jazz.  i’m pretty excited about the ultrasound cause we haven’t seen a pic since week 20. i mean i know for sure that he’s a busy body cause i see the effects of my stomach moving, but i still want to see.  and i’m really wondering how big the doctor thinks the baby will be.

in case its on the smaller side, i did buy the newborn size onesies and diapers.  i’m kinda pissed right now cause our printer is out of ink, even though i got it filled a couple weeks ago but apparently it didn’t work right, so i wasn’t able to print up the onesies that i wanted to.  luckily Hobby Lobby is chock full of crap to make your own shirts.  once kiddo gets here i’m sure i’ll do up some personalized ones (or make T do them).  anyway, until i get the ink, i did get a cute iron on and made this one.

i’ve been feeling pretty good since i’ve been on the iron pills. i think they really help with my energy level and i haven’t gotten dizzy or anything.  the only problem is that i take them at night and wake up dying of thirst. the doctor wasn’t too concerned and just told me to take the iron during the day and my prenatal at night.  i only got like 45 days left anyway.

and last night i had a particularly embarrassing moment last night where do to frustration i burst into tears.  normally i’m alone during these times, but i think i kinda freaked Brownlee out a little bit cause i’m not a crier and all he could do was tell me to stop and pat me on the back.

we have our  newborn care class monday which i think will be pretty beneficial, cause i dont know how to do anything.  i’m starting to debate whether or not we are going to do the labor class.  the doctor said it would be cool, but i dont know if its something we can just read in a book or watch online.  i’m worried that when it’s go time we’ll both forget every single thing we learned.  mainly i want to know WHEN to go to the hospital and i’m sure the doctor will let me know during any of the 4 or 5 times i have to see her in february.  i’ll think on it some more and see (and no it being on SuperBowl Sunday is not a factor).

the doctor’s getting excited.  brownlee’s getting excited.  my coworkers are getting excited.  i know family and friends have been excited.  im increasingly just not ready. i thought the baby shower would do the trick. WRONG.  i thought the diapers and onesies would help.  WRONG.  i even read the scary breastfeeding chapter of What To Expect The First Year thinking that would get me over the hump.  WRONG.  someone else have it for me.  thanks!