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i don’t even know how to start to recap on how awesome the shower was.  gabby and ariel and mommy did such a great job hosting and getting everything together.  it’s weird being on the opposite end where you just sit there and be the center of attention.  that’s not really my forte. but it was great to have friends and family all together at one time. and of course the majority of people swore we’re having a boy.  i’m sure you’ve gone through them all on facebook but i compiled all the pics i could fine and uploaded some sort of a highlight reel .  i got these coupon codes for Shutterfly.com and could build these fancy photobooks so i started working on that last night and got frustrated and it didn’t save so i sorta fell asleep. i’ll try again today, but worse come to worse i’ll just get all of them printed out and put into a photo album.  i really want to make sure we have REAL pictures because the other night brownlee and i were going through some of his grandmothers photo albums and its just soooo cool to see the writing of fannie mae when she started the album in 1975.  we even found a pic of baby brownlee that i’ll have to scan just cause.  this is the same issue i had with the kindle because i love technology but i’m a sucker for the old school way of doing things.

we got tons of gifts and sunday night i took a quick trip to target with some gift cards to pick up a few odds and ends.  reading all the guest cards with the guesses of the due date seriously freaked me out and i had a brief panic attack when i realized i had no newborn diapers and not enough newborn clothes.  then i got to the store and just stood in the diaper aisle totally overwhelmed.  then to top it off i left my coupons at home.  i didn’t get a giant pack because i just couldn’t make myself committ to a brand or style or size. but somehow the 36 newborn ones i bought gave me some sort of comfort.  how crazy. 

we put all the toys away and brownlee assembled the storage cart.  i pulled the tags off all the blankets because i know for a fact they will get used.  yesterday i did my first real batch of baby laundry to wash all the blankets and burp clothes and swaddling wraps and blank onesies.  i hate to admit it but i was super psyched.  ABOUT LAUNDRY! i hate laundry.  but how can you hate laundry in a Winnie the Pooh hamper (see new room pics here) ?! i’m sure after two weeks of actual baby laundry caked in puke and poo i won’t think its so cute.

also, today marks week 33.  a new fruit! honeydew.  that’s basically giant.  the last fruit left is watermelon and i simply just do not have enough space for that.  i’ve been dealing with what i assume to be a fist in my left hip for the past few days.  i mean it gets buried deep in there.  but here’s the kicker (pun only slightly intended), while there is a fist in my left hip, there is a foot under my right rib.  and the kid does this thing where he gets to stretching and sunday morning we watched a knee drag clean across my stomach.  i know he’s cramped in there and is trying to get comfortable but jeezus. my weekly email said that i’m maxed out of amniotic fluid and right now there’s more baby than fluid in there so that’s what was softening the blows all this time.  now i’m catching the full force of baby knees on the other side of my belly button.  it never hurts and it still doesn’t wake me up. its just freaky outty and uncomfortable (see: aforementioned fist in hip).

i have a doctors appointment friday. just a regular checkup.  then the newborn care class monday night.  then another ultrasound feb 1. i’m pretty anxious to see if the kid is still on track for being textbook. like i know the “due date” is simply a round about number but just like how brownlee is scared the baby could come early (how dare he have a february baby), i’m also equal parts worried it will come early, and that i’ll go a few days over.  after our appointment i’ll ask the doc’s opinion and then get to setting things up with HR for leave dates and then probably save some time for further freak outs.

anywho, thanks so much again to everyone who came out to the shower.  i had such a great time and we’re so thankful for all the gifts and well wishes. 

i’ll leave you with this super awesome baby diaper wreath naynee karen made.