“Did ya miss me?!?” in my Varnell Hill voice.  I realize that this pregnancy is flying by, just like life.  Its almost “crunch time” around here.  This past Saturday, we (I say we because even though the baby got all the gifts, I had to ASSEMBLE them) had another baby shower.  I made it a point not to attend this one, just to secure my man card, but I did show up after all the hoopla to pack up all the bags and bags of gifts.  I picked up on one thing in the room as I walked in, even as the crowd dwindled down, there was still plenty of love in the room…..well everybody that wasn’t already angry that we don’t know the baby’s sex.

Speaking of the baby’s sex……I’m really not sure why people are making such a big deal about the sex, all technology aint good.  Even with a skilled technician doing the ultrasound, they still make mistakes in their “educated guess” of the baby’s sex….and just a few short years ago, you had to wait till the baby popped out to know what you were having….so with all that said, we don’t know the sex till “he” 🙂 gets here.   All we care about is having a healthy baby first and picking a decent name second…LOL.

But back to the shower, I see now why they call it a “shower”, cuz we have been showered with gifts!  (THANKS TO ALL that came out to Pearland Saturday to support us)  We spent Sunday afternoon putting all the gifts in their proper place and putting stuff together.  That only made it seem slightly more real to me, then when I read the little signature cards, where people guess the due date, it shocked me some more.  Since the good educated doctor told me the baby was due March 8, I’ve had it stuck in my head like an anniversary or something, but I’ve learned that the baby could be early or late.  Mentally I’ve had March in my head, stuck on March this entire time cuz its my bday month which makes it the greatest month ever, however I’ve come to realize that Bre can’t cross her legs and hold the baby in there if he decides to come at the end of February :(.

I’m kinda excited about my small little “shower” coming up this weekend….eloquently dubbed “Fatherhood & Football” where the fellas and I get together to watch some NFL Playoff football over wings and/or pizza while they bring over a few gifts or diapers or whatever they deem worthy.  Should be just like a regular get together once we drop the gifts off in the “baby’s room”.

Back in my college days, I learned a phrase about never quitting on something that will pay off in the future….we’d say “its a short-time for a lifetime”.  It applies to just about everything from college classes, to getting a tattoo, planning a wedding, to patiently waiting for my baby!  So since its coming up on me fast, I decided to look up a list of things that somebody compiled on “How to be a Good Father”.  Seems simple enough to me….

  1. Have fun. Fatherhood is a big responsibility but it is also a lot of fun. Show your kids that you enjoy being their father.
  2. Spend time with and take responsibility for your children. Some fathers miss opportunities to spend time with their kids because they have competing responsibilities or interests. However, once the opportunity has passed, it’s gone and you can’t get it back. If you don’t establish an intimacy with your children when they’re young, it’ll be difficult to catch up when they’re older and still need your help and support.
  3. Be a teacher by both word and example. Children need to be taught right from wrong and will need to see it demonstrated by their father. Make decisions in front of them and explain to them why you came to that resolution. Talk to them about choices you made in the past and why they did (or didn’t) work out. Evaluate all of your own decisions by thinking: “What would I want my child to do in this situation?” Teach your children that it is okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes them. You do and they will too. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and try to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.
  4. Show affection. Some men may be uncomfortable with offering their children affection and communicating their love. Being affectionate with your child shows them that you love them. It also teaches them to show affection to others.
  5. Respect your children’s mother. Mutual respect between a child’s parents is important whether or not the parents are married to one another. Children will mimic their parents’ behavior. How you treat your child’s mother will influence the way in which the child will view his or her own role when they become parents. Do not be afraid to stand up for your own views as a parent. They are equally as important and valuable as those of the child’s mother who may or may not spend more time with the child. Make parenting a partnership, be on the same page about how to discipline and reward your child and be consistent.
  6. Don’t Place Unreasonable Expectations on Your Children. A child’s life can be filled with pressures, from siblings to kids at school to teachers to coaches. Help your child understand their desires and assess their capabilities and limitations. Help them set achievable goals. Encourage them to meet their full potential but avoid living vicariously through them by expecting them to achieve what you had achieved or hoped to have achieved.
  7. Don’t Place Unreasonable Expectations on Yourself. You are an important person in your child’s development but many other people and things will influence their development and growth. Just as you can’t take credit for all of your child’s strengths you also shouldn’t shoulder the blame for their weaknesses.
  8. Realize that a father’s job is never done. Do not assume that once your children turn 21, or they have a college degree, that your work raising them is done. Although it is important to encourage your children to become financially and emotionally independent, it is also important to let them know that you care and are always there for them and that they are valued.

Thanks for tuning in…..