so yesterday i took my weekly pic and went to upload on The Bump for HumpDay BumpDay (every Wed we post pics) and realized that i’ve reached the cabinets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- this is me being shofused (shocked & confused).  how did it get this big?! i’m not even going to show the beginning pics for comparison, you can look on the Progression Page for that, but look at week 22, versus yesterday at week 32.


and so i’m sitting here at the computer minding my own beeswax and a lady comes over to say hi and rub on my belly. ok fine. then she goes “whew girl i just needed a little bit of good luck, i got a long day ahead of me.”

<record scratch>

so now i’m a Buddah here to dispense good luck and fortune?! since when is that a thing that pregnant women do? i’ve never heard of this, but if you believe it and actively practice rubbing pregnant bellies for good luck, i’d advice not telling them what you’re doing. because you might get smacked.  and i’m in a good, or should i say jolly, mood today.

also i put a poll outside of my cube for my coworkers to guess what the baby is and to quit asking me over and over what i’m having and then repeatedly getting shocked when i say i didn’t find out. i know that everyone has their own opinions and suggestions on how to raise a kid or how pregnancy will go, but the sheer shock that some people display is still crazy to me. “what WHAT? you’re going to have a baby and you don’t know what it is? however will you be able to buy anything or put anything up in the room? everything will be yellow and ugly.”  thanks guy.

and i’m sure everyone knows tha tthe baby shower is this weekend.  i’m beyond psyched to have everyone in the same place at the same time having a great time and eating and taking pics etc etc! it’s going to be awesome and i’m already sooooo greatful to have so many great people in my life that are just as excited as i am about this baby.