i had my first belly rub from a stranger today.  i thought maybe since i was 7 months and it hadn’t happened yet that i would make it all the way to the end.  wrong.

we were waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a table at Boiling Crab and when i got up to ask the host what our status was, the people next to us were like “oh we didn’t even realize you were pregnant” and then BOOM, Abuelita reached out and grabbed me.  i was so shocked i just stood there. and the boy was all “oh she just likes babies and pregnant people”.  i like sexy men but you don’t see me grabbing on every one that walks past.  she didn’t really say anything she just smiled at me and i sat back down and Stacey and Shon and LaJuanda just let her do it.

there’s just something odd about the whole thing.  not that i’m overly superstitious about stuff, but just like how i don’t like any old person just saying “i’ll pray for you” (yes i feel some sort of way about that)  i don’t want just anyone grabbing at my stomach.

tre bizarre.